Through the Dark

Niall faces a decision. He either breaks up with his long time girlfriend , Ari, or ends his career. Niall goes through a lot and finally comes to his decision. Will he stay for 1D or go with Ari?


3. Ari Please...

Ari drove down the road as she began to cry. She tried to focus in the road with all the tears filling her eyes and the mascara dripping down her face, also trying to ignore the constant ring of her phone from Niall calling.

The ringing stopped. She slowed down at the red light and glanced at her phone. She was lonely and she new Zayn was with Perrie, Liam was with Sophia and Louis was obviously sassing someone. So her only option was the banana eating, horrible joking telling and single man, Harry.

She wanted to have a good time to top all this bad time so she picked up her phone and began to drive. She dialed Harry's number and watched the road. Dark clouds began to roll in.

After the 3rd ring Harry picked up.

"Hello?" Harry said in a groggy voice.

"Harry! Hey! Can I come by your place?" Ari said hiding her emotions.

"Yea sure." Harry said

"You sound like you just woke up." Ari said holding the phone up to her ear and keeping track of the road.

"Yea yea I-I just did." Harry said

"Oh ok well I'm on my way. Bye." said Ari

"Bye." Harry said in a hushed tone.


Ari pulled up to Harry's house. Looking at her phone she saw she had 6 missed calls from Niall and 1 text message. Unlocking her phone she saw the text.

"Ari please we need to talk." The text message read

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