being his sister (harry styles fanfic)

"what did you do to your face and your hair" he yelled "i dyed it blue and got my lip pierced" i said calmly harry got frustrated "i've only been gone for 3 years what happen to you you were the perfect sister" he said that got me mad "im sorry im not your perfect sister im sorry that you left im sorry you came back" i yelled and stormed out of the house


2. niall?

nialls POV

*2 weeks later*

​"naill please" jessica begged me as i was holding the Doritos above her head where she couldn't reach them "nope you have to give me something first" i said "ill give you a kiss" she said hmm "where?" i asked smirking she went on her tippy toes and gave me a peck on the lips but i held her there a bit longer then it turned into a make out session "niall have you seen jess-" harry said walking in the kitchen we quickly pulled away "uh i was just reaching for the chips and up it was an accident" she said he nodded i gave her the chips and she ran to her room. dammit harry. "i can explain?" i asked because i could tell he was mad "yeah you should" he said "okay so what happen was i had the chips above her where she couldn't reach and she got on her tippy toes and i looked down and that happen" i said a bit nervous "sure thats what happen" he said "its better not happen again" he warned me getting an apple i nodded and ran to the bunk area and bumped into liam and fell to the ground "so you finally grew balls and kissed her?" he asked smirking i looked at him confused "you have a lip stick stain" he said i touched my lip and had red lip stick on my finger he laughed and helped me off the ground. i walked over to jessica's room and knocked "who is it?" she asked "me" i said "uh one sec" she said "come in" i walked in her back was to me and she was putting on a shirt "hey um about what happen in the kitchen" i said "its cool um here" she said walking over to me wiping off the lipstick i smiled "it was in the moment i won't hold it against you" she said and turned around and walked and sat on her bed "uh okay um harry is probable going to kill me" i said chuckling she giggled "yeah he's gonna talk to me later saying that i can't date any of you...again"she said and looked around the room awkwardly "well i better go and get it over with" she said and went down stairs i walked behind her because i was gonna get it to "everyone down here now" harry yelled liam, louis, and zayn came running from the bunks and saw me and Jessica sitting on the couch and smirked "this is going to be fun" louis said i smacked his arm "i want to make this rule very clear to all of you mostly niall and jessica" he said loudly jessica sunk in the couch "no sating my sister or kissing her or basically no touching her unless she is falling then you can catch her"he said "thats it" he yelled "harry it was an accident why do you have your panties in a bunch" she said standing up "because your my sister and i won't allow you to get hurt by one of them" he said getting even more angry "two things 1) you can't tell me who to date 2) I'm not you sister" she said the second on quietly "wait wha do you mean not his sister?" liam asked "i was adopted" she said and had tears in her eyes "just because you were adopted doesn't mean that i can't tell you what to do" harry yelled she looked at him tears slipping "jessica I'm so-" he started but she cut him off "no your not you meant it you don't really care you just like being able to boss me around" she said then the bus doors opened and the 5sos boys came in laughing and talking about something then they saw us. jessica ran to her bunk "great harry look what you did" louis said walking back to go talk to her while me zayn, liam sat there shocked and the 5sos boys confused "who was that and what did harry do?" calum asked "thats jessica harry's sister he said some things because of uh something so yeah" i said ashton snorted when i said she was harry's sister we all looked at him "she isn't harry's sister she's adopted happy to say she still has a bit of an Aussie accent" ashton said we all looked at him confused "jessica is my um sister my parents put her up for adoption after my little brother harry was born" he said we all looked at him with wide eyes except for the other 5sos boys "thats her?" luke asked ashton nodded, ash ran back to go and see her 

jessica's POV

when i heard some one else come back here i was just sitting on my buck with louis when i saw ashton i gasped jumped up and hugged him "ashton i thought id never see you again" i cried "um how do you know ash?" louis asked me "h-he's my real b-brother" i stuttered he looked at us in shock "i love what you've done with your hair and nice lip piercing " he said i smiled "thanks bro" i said me and ashton and louis walked back to the rest of the boys and we were hugging while walking when we walked in the room with them the 5sos boys were there one with red hair was looking at me the whole time "ash are you gonna introduce me to your friends" i nudged him after we sat on the couch. i know who they are but i don't want him to know that. "yeah blondy is luke the asian looking one is calum" i laughed "and the one I'm about to slap for staring at you is michael" he said i giggled "nah you don't have to he's probable thinking its impossible that you and me are related" i said "no he's not he's probable thinking i wanna fuck her i mean i am" calum said and winked and me i blushed "hey" ashton and harry said about to slap calum at the same time i bursted out laughing "this is going to be fun" i said sitting back into the couch "ok so if i say bro that means ash if i say bro bro thats harry okay? okay" i said smirking they nodded "bro and bro bro carry me the my bunk" i said lifting up my arms they laughed and both picked me up harry on my right and ash on my left. i got a little scared because what if my sleeve went up a little and ash saw my scars. they put me down in front of my bunk i smiled at them and crawled into it and got changed into my pjs my black sweat pants and took off my shirt so i was just in my bra and go under the cover i stuck my head out the curtain "night guys and niall come here please" i yelled i got a bunch of nights and an okay. when he finally got back here "can you be my cuddle buddy?" i asked him he chuckled and nodded he took off his shirt and put on sweat pants "um niall is it okay that i just sleep in my bra and sweat pants?" i asked him he nodded and climbed in i put my head on his chest and he put his arms around my waist while i had my arms around his and with that i fell asleep to him humming me a song

*next morning*

"awww how cute" i heard someone say and pictures being taken i slowly opened up my eyes yawning to see ashton, luke, calum and michael taking pictures of me and niall "fuck off" i mumbled "she is definitely related to you ash" luke said laughing i smiled "yup now all of you go fuck off I'm still tiered" i said they went away laughing and i feel back asleep

*two hours later (11:00)*

i woke up to a yelling harry and niall gone. shit. i jumped out of bed and put on a hoodie "niall i didn't say you could sleep with my sister" harry yelled "she asked me to be her cuddle buddy so i said yes its not like we had sex" niall yelled back "and i wouldn't have sex with her i don't like her like that I'm only nice to her because of you" he yelled again i had tears in my eyes "fuck you too niall" i said he looked at me "no i didn't mean that let me explain" he begged "no fuck off you ass hole I'm so done being around people i think care" i yelled and locked my self in the bathroom and cut on my wrists i cleaned them up and put a bandage on them i pulled my sleeves down and went to my bunk to lay down but when i was about to pulled back my curtain i heard people making out in the bunk above mine which is nialls tears came to my eyes i ran to the back room of the bus and laid on a couch cry into a pillow the rest of the boys were gone "hold on babe ill be right back" i heard niall say and heard him come back here probable to get a condom for him and probable either a fan or slut i just laid on the couch with my back to him tears streaming down my face "jessica are you awake?" he asked in a whisper i raised my arm and flipped him off "jessica why do you have a bandage on you arm?" he asked "fuck off" i said with out my voice cracking thank god "jessica whats wrong?" he asked. okay now I'm pissed i jumped off the couch "niall can you just go fuck who ever the stupid bitch is thats in you bunk already and leave me the fuck alone" i yelled at him he looked taken back "ill even leave so you can fuck her back here if you will just leave me alone" yelled again the slut came out and was holding onto nialls arm "baby whats wrong?" she asked him "nothing I'm his friends sister and I'm just leaving you two have fun" i said pissed grabbing my wallet phone and walked out of the bus . i went walking around Sydney which is the current city in Australia we are in for the tour 

*two hours later(4:00)*

i walked back to the bus and saw all the boys niall, harry and ash go in the bus i heard harry and ashton yelling at him i walked past them and went in the bus and sat with all of the boys in the back lounge i sat next to michael and chilled he put an arm around me and smiled at me we could hear the yelling i put my head on his should and closed my eyes then i heard all three of the boys walk in the bus "michael get your arm off of her" niall said when he came in i opened my eyes and stood up "no he doesn't have to listen to you where's the little whore you were screwing when i left go huh did the boys come back and kick her out" i yelled at him he looked hurt harry and ash were just standing there smiling at me yelling at niall "what nothing to say Horan not going to say 'its not what it looked like' or 'don't call her a whore' or are you just gonna stand there and say nothing" i yelled at him "she wasn't a whore she was a fan okay your the whore" he yelled "you shouldn't have said that" harry said standing back smirking i punched niall and hit him really hard in the jaw he stumbled backwards i hit him again and again until liam pulled me off of him holding me back niall just looked scared and confused and sad i got out of liam's arm and sat next to michael he put his arm around my again and i laid my head on his should so we were sitting like we were before harry and ash just stood their surprised and amused i yawned "I'm tiered" i said and went to my bunk "michael" i called for him after i got in my pjs "yeah he said when he got to my bunk "can you be my cuddle buddy?" i asked he chuckled and nodded then got in his pjs aka sweat pants and shirtless and played down with me and we fell asleep cuddling 

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