being his sister (harry styles fanfic)

"what did you do to your face and your hair" he yelled "i dyed it blue and got my lip pierced" i said calmly harry got frustrated "i've only been gone for 3 years what happen to you you were the perfect sister" he said that got me mad "im sorry im not your perfect sister im sorry that you left im sorry you came back" i yelled and stormed out of the house


3. michael girl

jessica's POV 

i woke up in my bunk with micheal gone but i didn't hear yelling. i got up and went to the kitchen all of the boys were in the kitchen just talking like normal people i rolled my eyes and went to the bathroom 'i think i need to change my hair' i thought to my self i went to where my stuff was and got some bleach for my hair and my outfit i put the dye mix in my hair and waited about a half and hour and then i washed it out 

(hair and out fit)

when i walked out of the bathroom i walked over to the boys they all looked at me with their mouths open "two things one close your mouths you'll catch flies and two I'm going for a walk" i said and walked off the bus

Ashton's POV

everyone was shocked by jessica's hair and out fit she always wore a sweater but instead she was wearing black ripped skinny jeans a blink crop top and had BLONDE hair?? and had a bunch of bracletes on. ok then? "she is such a michael girl" luke said laughing i sent him a glare "where is michael by the way?" i asked then we heard jessica scream we ran out of the bus and saw michael tickling her on the ground "m-michale st-stop" she said between laughs "michael" i said he stopped and helped her up off the ground. ugh i swear if they don't date i will be surprised "can i join you on your walk jessica?" i asked she nodded. about five minuets later it was quiet "so you like michael?" i asked her "no" she said blushing "you do?!?" i said she blushed even more "shhh okay the whole world doesn't have to know" she said "sorry well i mean I'm pretty sure he likes you to" i said she looked to me "really?" she asked i nodded and i texted luke telling him to ask michael if he did he said he would 

luke's POV

​after i got the text i new exactly what to do "hey mickey wanna go for a walk?" i asked him "sure" he said and we walked in the opposite direction that ash and jess went "so you like jessica?" i asked him "what no" he said i saw him blushing "dude you do!" i exclaimed "hush up would you" he said "i think she likes you to" i said "really" he asked and stopped walking "yeah i mean she is basically the girl version of you" i said and texted ashton telling him that michael likes her 'okay bring him back to the bus its time for us to set those two up' he said "hey mike lets go back to the bus" i said he nodded when we got back to the bus jessica and ash were in there laughing on the couch when we walked in jessica was blushing i smirked and looked at michael he was blushing to "so jessica and michael could you two please come out side with me and luke please" ash basically told them not even asking while he dragged jess out side while michael walked out willingly and i followed behind 

jessica's POV

​oh my god i know what their doing i should have never told ash now he's going to embarrass me michael doesn't like me why would he i mean he could do so much better. i guess i was staring at the floor or something because i looked up and saw them staring at me i blushed "anyway me and ash here know some thing about you" luke said looking at me "ashton fletcher irwin how dare you" i yelled "jess wait calm down for a minute okay" he said i rolled my eyes and crossed my arms "you both like each other"ash said, i was blushing like a mad women and so was michael but like a madman i guess? "oh my god why would you tell us we could have found out on our own" i yelled at luke and ashton michael just stood back amused "you two are in some deep shit" michael said "you two are because we trusted you with the secret of this and then you go and tell us and ugh i just want to slap the shit outta you both" i yelled at them they looked a bit frightened "i swear to god if any one else in the band or anyone from 1D tries to do something about this subject i will personally bitch slap you both" i warned them "and thats not a threat thats a promise" i said and walked back in the bus

michael's POV 

i just stood the amused and kinda turned on while jessica was yelling at them "that was kinda hot" i said after she went in the bus luke and ash looked at me like i was crazy i put my hands in my pockets, shrugged and walked into the bus to go talk to jessica "hey sorry about th-" she started to say but i cut her of by kissing her which she returned i pressed her against a wall and she had her arms around my neck i grabbed her by her thighs and she jumped up and i had her legs wrapped around my waist and it got turned into a very very VERY heated make out session when we finally pulled apart it was because luke and ash came in the bus and cleared their throats smirking jessica shrugged and kissed me again and went to her bunk "i can't believe that happened" i said with wide eyes "okay before i like go back there and do some things with her I'm going to try to calm down" i said and went to my bunk to lay down cal came over to my bunk "well i heard what happen and congrats man" he chuckled patting my shoulder and walked away i got up and went to her bunk "hey jessica does what happen mean that we are dating?" i asked her she smirked "i don't know i might need more convincing" she said i jumped in her bunk and had her waist between my legs and i was resting on my elbows "i think i can do that" i said and we started to have another heated make out session she she lifted up a little and rubbed against my crotch area i moaned she smiled into the kiss. god what is this girl doing to me....


heyyyyyyyyy guys whats up i don't know why but I'm in an updating mood so this is the second update this week in the past few days xP so how you been my loviley unipenguins comment down below how you have been I'm being serious i will reply :P

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