Where Accidents Happen

Two young boys decide to play by the railroad.


1. Where Accidents Happen

               "Don't be such a wuss," Jim said "lets go before it gets too late."

               "Alright we'll do it tonight." Chuck groan not happy with the plans they had after school let out.

               The two decided to go by the railroad tracks to see a ghost. The area was not only infamous for the ghost that was there, but to how many unfortunate accidents had occurred. There was an old road that intersected over the railroad tracks. There were many others in the county, but this was one to be avoided by everyone.

               It started years ago when a road was decided to be built along with a new train route. A week after it was complete, a man who was drunk ignored the signal of the oncoming train and his car was total killing him in the collision with the steamer. It seemed like just any unfortunate accident, after another accident involving teenagers messing around on the rails did the rumors start.

               It's said, that on certain nights the the same car from all those years ago can be seen driving towards the tracks and then disappear. There were also other accident around the area with people being hit by a train. The most peculiar and eerie thing about these incidents were that witnesses did not hear a train coming nor the railroad signs going off; even though in other situations they work just fine.

               Shrugged off as coincidence, since there were usually accidents in other parts of the country everyday, the road remained open to the public. Still, people did the best they could to avoid the road; especially where the tracks were. If no one is there there can be no accidents, right?

               They reached the crossroad. It was just an old gravel road meeting a ordinary railroad. Of ocarse the road was vacant with no car coming either way. The rails let down with some trees on one side and a whole forest on the other, with the road going into it. All over the sides near the forest were crosses and wreaths for those who died on this track.

               "So, we wait?" asked Chuck.

               "Yep" sighed Jim.

               They waited for hours to see the legend. Every now again a car passed by, but none were the car Jim and Chuck were told of. To pass the time they just simply talked mostly Jim told Chuck about the history of the area. Things he heard about the many deaths. One especially interested Chuck.

               "Fifteen years ago before we were born, a little deaf girl and her parents picnicked by the railroad. Her parent weren't paying attention as stood on the tracks trying to balance on it. When they turned back to see her, they heard the blairing horns of a train as it ran her down."

               "Shit." Chuck muttered wondering if any of that was true, but still made a lot of sense. "Is that why-"

               "No one hears the train comin'? Yeah." he grinned now being back in control of their little adventure and starting to get Chuck scared again. Just as planned. "Don't worry. This is guarantee'd safe."

               Chuck was still scared but at the same time interested in more behind these tracks' unsettling reputation.

               "I've heard from some of the older brother in high school that some of his friends went by these tracks and to challenge its curse. If you stand on these rails the little girl will push you off."

               Chuck was now pale hearing about actual confirmation of a haunting. "Ya sure?"

               "Only one way to find out." he stepped up on the rails "Best part, we see a ghost, live, and possibly avoid death at the same time. We will be legends!"

               Chuck liked the sound of that. He pretty much blended in alone moving only a year ago from another state. Jim was the only one to notice him, but not surprised by the fact Jim didn't have many friends either. Now he can go to school the next day, tell his story, and BAM instant fame. Girls will fawn over him. Those jerk's Bertram and Fred would stop teasing him.

                "Okay." Chuck agreed "How we gonna do this?"

                They took turns every ten minutes. One of them balances of the rail facing where the train goes, and the other looks out for the oncoming train. They did this for hours until Jim became tired.

                "I'm starting to think this was a bad idea." he grogily groaned. He turned around to leave and then "Let's just go."

                "Ya sure?" Chuck asked. All of a sudden he felt an icy touch to his back that made him lose balance and fall off the tracks.

                "Chuck?" Jim ran over to his friend to see if anything happened to him.

                "It worked!" Chuck cheered. "It happened when you look away that's the trick!"

                "Did you see her?"

                "No she just pushed me!"

                "Cool!" Let me try." Jim got the same area Chuck was. It was certainly colder in that area. Almost as if she was still there. Chuck turned the other way and waited for Jim to be finished.

                Once again it took forever and the barely spoke. Chuck was very tired now ready to fall and drift asleep under the trees. In the corner of his vision He saw something move he noticed the smoke coming out from it. A train! 

                Chuck quickly turned to find Jim outside the tracks to his relief. Jim's eyes were wide and was shocked by not only being touch by a ghost, but almost dying to perform a myth his brother told him.

               "Jim?" Chuck's faced drooped at the thought of losing his friend.

               "I-I'm fine." Jim got up and brushed himself off. "Let's go to your place. It's closer"

              They both walked back to Chuck's house, which was closer. All the while the two thought about how they could tell the kids at school without letting their parents know. They'd be ground for eternity if they knew any of this.

              The light was on in Chuck's house. Before going in the both had their alibis settled before going in. They were fishing at the lake and nothing more. The door was unlocked and Chuck opened the door to the living room where his parent waited for him.

               "Chuck!" his mom rushed over to him hugging his body to his dismay "Jim's mom called and didn't come home. When you din't come home I was- I was so worried."

              "We're fine mom." Chuck muffled over his mom's tight grip "We went night fishing to see what it's like. It's actually pretty fun."

              "Is Jim on his way home?" his father questioned not as protective as his mother.

              "No, I thought he could stay for the night?"

             "Where is he?"

             "He came in with me." Jim went to the living room.

            "Right here." he waved to Chuck's parents.

            "Jimmy boy," His dad worryingly said "No one came in with you."

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