This is a story about 16 year old Chelsea Howton. She has suffered from rape, but when she meets Ash she forgets all about the rape, and doesn't realise that she is pregnant with the raper's baby.


3. Starbucks and Lola.

"You okay?" Lola asked, wiping my table for the 7th time in ten minutes. She's my best friend, and she knows what it's like. 'Cos she had it too. That same night, that same person. But she recovered way quicker.

"Yeah. I'm fine." I sighed.

"You know what Chelsea."


"We're going to the shop after my shift, which ends in," she checked her watch, "five minutes! Wow, that was fast!"

"All you did was make me a cappuccino, make that guy a mocha, make her a hot chocolate, and wipe my table. Seven times!" I laughed at her.

"Yeah, well you spill loads!" she said, raising her eyebrows.

"Um, Lola?" her boss, Chase, said.


"I'll let you go if you make this gentleman a cappuccino and a latte."

"Okay Chase. " she said, and went to make the guy's drink. I looked and realised it was Ash. He turned around and saw me.

"Hi!" he said, smiling.

"Hey, are you okay? I am! I'm going shopping!!!" I said. What can I say? I talk too much when I'm with people I know and like.

"Haha, girls and shopping! Yeah, just lost a game to my friend Amber on the Xbox though. She won by stabbing my teammate, and the police almost caught her, but she threw them off a cliff. All the while we were chatting over Skype about crushes." he gabbled.

"That game sounds weird!" I said.

Then Lola yelled,

"One cappuccino and latte!" and Ash went to collect his order. Then he came over to me and gave me the cappuccino.

"Thanks, but how did you know?"

"What can I say? After watching you every week, I can tell that it's your favourite!" then he left.

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