Everything I Didnt say!!


10. what just happened.

Ski 's POV:

The arm pulled me inside. I knew it wasn't Kenzie. I managed to punch my way out of its grip and the light came on. Dimitri held my arms with tight grip and twisted my arm. Kenzie came downstairs and dimitri quickly let go. "What the hell just happened. I go to the bathroom and tell you to open the door and I hear fighting while opening the bathroom door. What the fuck just happened. " I looked at Kenzie. Dimitri didn't say a word. Until..."she seen a spider and over reacted." I looked at him. Bullshit I thought. Ain't know way.he lied right to her fucking face and she never noticed. I looked at Her and she stared at me. "Come on and let me talk to you" Kenzie said to me. I nodded and we headed to her room. I got onto her bed. I could feel dimitri staring at me from when I walked to the room. Kenzie closed her bedroom door and then came over to the bed and sat down. "Ok me and dimitri haven't been seeing eye to eye lately and I got to say. Ski I can't keep up with this. I know that If I leave you'll get hurt again but I can't stay here. I woke up one night and I heard dimitri and his buddies downstairs. They were going to a party and I decided to follow because he always goes out at night. Well at this party they have nothing but girls. And they're the only boys. Those boys at least fucked ever last one of those girl while they were there. What the hell. I'm upstairs. He has a girl to come home to and he sneaks out the house to have sex with other bitches" Kenzie didn't say this out loud but she didn't whisper either. I just looked at her. I looked down at me arm and seen a red mark around where he twisted it. Kenzie didn't have a scar or any bruises. If I lived here I would have been torn up by him in less then a few minutes. "Dimitri is addicted to sex. No matter how young he will always be looking for it. If you don't give it to him then he will force it. That is just how he is." I said. Remembering the time he raped me. "Ski did he do that to you" Kenzie asked. I looked at her. I didn't say anything. "Oh my god. I'm so sorry I never knew that" Kenzie said. I shook my head. " it's okay I didn't want to tell you and besides you told me to let you know when you wanted a date and I called him. Don't worry he only hurts girls like me. " I said. Kenzie's jaw dropped. "Does he still touch you!" She asked. I nodded. She didn't say anything. "I'm gonna hurt him." Kenzie said. I shook my head. "Don't do anything or you'll get hurt. I'll beat his ass later. I just can't when he pops out of nowhere to hurt me" I said. "If you told me this sooner I would've told him to let me get the door. But then again he would've gotten the door anyway if he seen you if what your telling me is true. He wouldn't listen to me. And as of now. I see that he hasn't." Kenzie said. My phone started to ring.

L- I'm outside come on

S- I'll be there soon

L- ok beautiful

I told Kenzie that I had to go and she nodded and then I left her room. Dimitri was on the couch. He stood up when he heard me coming and stepped In front of the door all in my way. As he did before. "I advise you too move. Do you want to sleep with teeth in your mouth or out" I snapped. Dimitri bit his lip and then looked at my lip. "You know. I have a suggestion for you. If you wouldn't mind. I...." *knock knock* thank god luke knocked on the door. I kicked dimitri in the balls and kicked him in the throat when he fell to the floor. He started coughing. I ran out the house and jumped into Luke's arms and kissed him. My legs wrapped around Luke's body and he held me. "You okay" he asked. I nodded. I got off of him and we walked to the car. Once in the car after luke pulled off he looked at me. "What the hell happen in there. You never Done that before" luke asked. He looked back at the road. " I was excited to see you and besides Kenzie is boring when it comes to conversations." I said I didn't tell him what actually happened because a fight would have started and dimitri would have gotten his ass whipped. "I thought you and Kenzie weren't friends. I thought that Kenzie was just a whore you called when needed a boy away from you" luke said. I looked at him. "She is. But I still respect her.....sometimes" I said. Luke smiled.

~I know it's a short chapter but I got a little tired. I'll update later. Although it's Been a long time since a last update!!lol<3 What do you think should happen next. Send me comments about it and I may add that into the story.

~Natalie Cosby

I'm creating a new story called SECRETS I hope you like it once I publish it!!!

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