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7. virgin

Luke's POV:

Ski was finally healed. She could do all the things that she wanted like she used to. I known her for months now. I never had enough guts to ask her out though. It was Saturday,2 days before spring break begins it was late at night. Ski was over Keith's house. I wondered what they were up to.

Keith's POV:

"If I beat you in Mario cart you have to ask out your crush." I said. Ski looked at me. "And If I win" ski said. "Then I'll ask out my crush." I told her. "Deal" she said. I smiled. I picked Mario and she picked Yoshi. When the race was over it was basically a tie. I told her that since that happened then we both have to ask out our crush. She nodded. I grabbed my phone and dialed Casey's number. "I knew you liked her" she said. I smiled. Casey was an old friend of mine.

K- hey, case would you go out with me

C- hell yeah

K- okay cool,bye

Casey hung up and I put my phone away. Ski dialed her crushes number. "You like him" I said. She nodded. No one picked up so ski decided to ask him out face to face.

Ski's POV:

I don't usually do these kinds I things but if Keith wants me to then I will. Keith is my best friend we grew up together and I would do anything for him, but I made a deal with him, if he asked out his crush then I would ask out mine. I live in Sydney Australia. My best friend is my crush. Well what can I say you would like him too if you seen how gorgeous he is. I drive in my Mercedes XLS. "I'm so nervous" I said to myself. I walked up to the front door. I could hear the xbox1 in the living room from outside. I knocked on the door three times until I could hear the lock on the door being unlocked and the door is opened. "Ski, what are you doing here" Ashton asked. "I need to speak to Luke" I said. "ok...luke's in the shower at the moment" Ashton said. he opened the door wider so i could come into the house. "hey ski" calum said. "hey" i said i am so nervous what if luke said no? what would he even say? would he say no and stop talking to me? im gonna get Keith for making me do this. michael came out the kitchen and walked into the living room, he looked shocked to see me. "ski, what are u doing here at this time of night" michael asked. "i have to tell luke something....well ask him something" i said. michael nodded. "what do you have to ask him" Ashton asked curious. "um...." "come on ski you can tell us" calum said. "okay..." i told the boys the deal that i made and they said they were pretty sure luke would say yes. i smiled maybe he would, if he does then he would make my day! Luke came out the bathroom. He had only a towel around him. When he seen me from downstairs, he motioned for me to come up. I did.

"What are you doing here?" Luke asked curious. "I need to ask you something." I said "and that would be" luke said "would you date me" I said. It felt so awkward saying it because I'm the girl the guy was supposed to ask you out. "Yes" luke said. "Really" I said all excited. "Yeah, I really liked you, I was just to shy to ask you out." Luke said he looked down at his floor. I went over to him. "Hey.." Luke looked up at me. I looked at his lips. I bit my lower lip. "Would you like to come over my house?" I said. Luke didn't say anything, he knew why I wanted him over. He was just standing in a bath towel and he had no shirt on. I wanted him. Is that weird when you only seen him shirtless. Anyway, luke gets into a pair of sweatpants and a t shirt and puts on his black vans. I was downstairs waiting for him. "Hey I'll be back later" luke said as we both walked out the door. I got into my car and he did the same. "You know I never down this before" luke said. "But you had a girlfriend" I said "yeah but she... I never got a chance to" luke said. "Oh" that's all I could say. "I'm glad your my first" luke said. I blushed. "Stop it you're making me blush" I said. Luke smiled.

Luke's POV:

I couldn't wait to get in the house. When ski opened the door, I hurried to shut and lock it. "Wow you're really ex..." I kissed her lips. I haven't kissed anyone for years. Her lips where so smooth and warm. Our mouths moved in sync. She threw her Keyes on the couch and I took off her top. She put her hands around me. I started to kiss her neck when we got in the room. She let out a moan. "Wow" she said. I smiled as I kissed her again. I kissed her until she started to take over and I gotta say I love it when a girl takes over. She tells me to lay on the bed and I do. She crawls on top of me and starts to kiss me. I hold on to her waist and push her close to me. I flip her over and start to undress her. She does the same to me. I put on a condom and looked at her. "You ready" I asked. She nodded. I slowly slid through her. A t first I could tell it hurt and then she pulled me close to her. "Luke!" She moaned. "More" she said. I did what she wanted. "Oh my god, faster...." She moaned. Her moans got louder and louder. She moved her hands through my hair. "LUKE!!" She moaned again and so did I. She felt good. I kissed her neck and she moaned. I started kissing all over her until when I got down to her "area" and I gave her head. He moaned and pulled my hair. When I came back up I kissed all the way back up her body and I put my penis back into her. I moaned and then I kissed her. She wanted me to turn over and I did. She did what I did to her. I grunted. Wow for her first time,well first time with me, she sure knew what to do. She came up and she kissed me. She went up and down on me. We were sweating and when we broke apart. She came and laid on my chest. " I love you" she said. "I love you" I said back. I leaned down and kissed her. It was really late at night. I pulled her close to me. She kissed me again and round 2 began. I love her so much I didn't let go. That night when we fell asleep. I woke up to hear someone come through the house. I figured it was her mom and I heard a door shut and then quite. Ski was sound asleep. I held onto her waist. Her laid on my chest and fell asleep. I kissed her forehead. I wonder what she see would do if I took her on a trip for spring break. I thought about where to take her. I reached for my phone that was by the bed on her desk. I grabbed it and texted my buddy josh.

L- dude I need you to set up a flight for two so that I can take my girl to Paris.

J- you better be lucky I like you

I chuckled a little but stopped when ski shifted a little on my chest. I looked at her she sleeps like an angel. I noticed I was still naked and so was she. It was 5 am on the dot. I slowly went back to sleep. I'm glad that josh helped me out. I knew that ski would be happy for the trip. I just couldn't wait to tell her.

Ski's POV:

I woke up around 12pm. Luke was sleeping still. I looked down at my waist to notice luke still had his hand around me. I slowly slipped out of bed,grabbed clean clothes and then headed to the shower. When I started the water I was about to get in when someone knocked on my bedroom door. "Damn" I mumbled. I ran over to luke. "Luke get up my moms at the door" I said. "Ski I need to tell you something" mom said. "Just a minute" I yelled Luke slowly opened his eyes. "Hey babe" he said. He stretches. "Luke my moms at the door. You gotta hide!" I said. Luke jumped out of bed,grabbed his clothes and went into the bathroom. I picked up my condom wrapper and threw it away. Luke was in the bathroom changing I think. I opened my door. "I have a date tonight and so you'll be home alone tonight." Mom said. "Okay" I said "you sure you're gonna be okay" she asked. I nodded. "Good. I'm gonna run to the store, you need anything." She asked. I shook my head no. My mom leaves and then luke opens the bathroom door. "Clear" I said. I go over to the window(don't worry I have my rob on) but anyway I look out my window and wait for my mom to leave. Luke comes behind me puts his arms around my. Waist and lays his head on my shoulder. I turned around until the front of my body was symmetrical with his. Sine he was taller then me. He leaned down and kissed me. I kissed back of course. My phone rung.


K-hey ski it's Kenzie I have dimitri and we are dating now thanks for introducing me. I owe you one.

I looked at luke. I had the phone On Speaker and luke and I wasn't expecting her to say that.

S- I'm amazed have fun

Kenzie hung up. Luke and I busted out laughing. "Luke you gonna wait out here until I finish taking my shower?" I asked. Luke nodded. "Unless you want me to come in with you" he said. I smiled. "Next time". I was a little sore from sex last night but I didn't mind it was worth it. "Oh ski I have something to tell you when your done" luke said. I nodded and got into the shower.

Luke's POV:

I waited for ski to come out the bathroom. When she did she changed right in front of me. I stared at her perfect body. She walked over to me, sat on my lap and put her legs around my body. "Wow it's like that" I said. "Yeah it's like that" she said. "What did you want to tell me" she asked. "Well for spring break you think you could go to Paris with me" I asked. She smiled a smile that made me kiss her. When we pulled away she blushed. "What?" I said. "You shocked me" She said "oh" that's all I could say. "So. Do you think your mom would let you go" I said. "Yeah" she said. "Good!" I said. "Could you kiss me?" She asked. I leaned in and kissed her. Her kiss was so good, we literally made out for minutes. When we pulled apart, I knew what she was feeling. "You're so addicted" I said. "You decided to kiss me that way and your lip ring feels amazing I couldn't help it" she said. "Save that feeling for Paris. We have all week to do whatever you want with me" I said. She kissed me and gave me a hug. "I love you so much" she said. " and I love you " I said. I pecked her lips. She got off of my lap and we headed downstairs. She drove me to my house and then I told her to pack for the trip when she gets home. I kissed her goodbye and headed inside.

Ski's POV:

I drive back to the house all excited. Luke!!! Taking me to Paris!! I love him so much right now. A week of me and him exploring and having fun in Paris. My phone vibrated i my pocket when I got into my house. Ashton texted me.

A-hey beautiful

S-must you flirt

A- it's only natural

S-you're funny what's up

A- this might be weird but I need you to do something for me. I'll discuss the plan when you get here.

S-I have to do something first I'll be there when I'm done

A-alright see ya when you get here.

I put my phone on my dresser and pulled a suitcase out of my closet. I grabbed sexy outfits that would keep Luke's attention on me. Didn't want him staring at a French girl.

Is that weird. Anyway, after I packed my clothes,I put my suitcase by the door. I went upstairs and grabbed my phone. Ashton texted me again.

A- you done yet

S-yeah I'm on my way

A-otay see you when you get here. Meet me at my house.


I put my phone in my back pocket and headed outside. I have no idea what Ashton's plans is lets hope that it isn't crazy. I pulled into Ashton's drive way and notices an unfamiliar car. Who owns that car?

~sorry for not updating in a while I was working on a new story. How are you liking the story so far. Who do you think the car belongs to? And what do you think Ashton's plan is? Read the next chapter to find out. ~Natalie Cosby

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