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8. The Plan

Ashton's POV:

I couldn't wait for ski to get here. I don't think she'll like the plan but she has to. Or I'll be in big trouble. *knock knock* I went over to the door and opened to see ski's clueless face. "Who's car is that?" She asked. "Could you come in here first I'll tell you the plan." I said. I grabbed her hand and took her to my room. I shut the door. "Ok my ex is here she thinks I haven't moved on and she wants to get back with me. I need you to act like my fake girlfriend so that she can leave me alone" I said. Ski's jaw dropped. "I would love to help you ash but I have a boyfriend which turns out to be your best friend and I can't do that." She said. "Luke won't find out. And besides you won't have to kiss me or anything" I said. But to be honest my ex might ask her to to see if it's real. Ski will hate me after this. By I need to get my ex out of my life. Ski just looked at me. I took her hand and we walked downstairs.

Ski's POV:

I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know he used to have a girlfriend. He doesn't seem as if he ever had one. When we get downstairs, I see a beautiful girl sitting in the recliner and she crossed her legs and watched as me and ash sat on the couch across from her. I was so uncomfortable. The girl just looked at us. Ash put his arm around my waist, I didn't feel right. "So this is your new girlfriend. She looks well she's ugly. I'm way prettier. Just come back with me and leave this hoe alone" I looked at the girl. "What is your name?" I asked. "Megan" she said. "We'll let me just tell you. I'm not a hoe and I'm not a slit or. Whatever else you have in that mind of yours. Why the fuck did you come back because the other boy you were with didn't give you the cash you needed to fuckin survive. Bitch don't bring your scrawny ass in here thinking you know shit because you don't." I snapped. Ash held my waist tighter. I guess her was happy I did that because he had a smile on his face. Megan just looked at me. "Ash your gonna let her talk to me like that" Megan whined. "Hey my girlfriend does what she wants" ash said. I smiled. "If she's your girlfriend then why does she feel uncomfortable with your hand around her waist" Megan said. I looked at her. She caught me. "She isn't." Ash said. "Uh..., yeah she is. If she's your girlfriend she wouldn't feel uncomfortable. You need to prove it before I leave this house" "no!..... That isn't necessary" ash said. I looked up at him. "Well at least kiss her!" Megan said. Ash looked down at me. I stared up at him. Ash don't you dare. I thought. And before I knew it ash had his lips up to mine. Megan snapped a photo. "Cool now I can send this to everyone. You two are a good couple. I can see that she likes you. The way she kissed you, I seen that you were both into it. Well ash have fun. Good bye." Megan left the house. "Ahh!" I screamed. Ash backed up. "She can't post that picture. Luke will find out." I said. A tear fell. "He will leave me" I cried. I put my face on my hands and cried my eyes out.

Ashton's POV:

I didn't know what to do. I knew luke would get mad at both if us. I froze. I didn't want to hug her because if I did then she would think about the kiss. "Ash I gotta go talk to luke. I hope he hasn't seen it. I need to talk to him before it's to late" she said. She got off my couch and headed for the door. "By the time you get there he will already know" I said. "I have to talk to him regardless." And with that she left. I took out my phone and texted luke.

A- dude I'm so sorry for what I did. I know you seen the pic already your always on twitter. Look ski is coming to talk to you. I'll ttyl.

I didn't get a text back. But I did get a call from luke.

L- why the hell did you kiss her. Don't you know she's my girlfriend. I'm mad at her to she was so into it. You messed with everything. I don't know what gotten into you lately but you need to back the hell off!!!

A- listen is wasn't ski's fault. I made her do it. My ex came over. Megan. And she wanted to see proof that we were dating. I needed a fake girlfriend so that she would stay away from me. I'm the one who pressured her to kiss me. Well actually I put my lips to hers and then the get Megan away she played along. Don't get mad at her. Get mad at me. You hate me not her. She's crying and I don't like to see that. Don't break up. With her. Be mad at me. And leave her be.

I waited for luke to answer.

L- well ski is here. I'll talk to her. I'm mad at you though you should have picked someone else and not my girl

Luke hung up before I could say anything. I laid back on my couch. Threw my phone on the coffee table and covered my eyes with my left arm while my right arm dangled off the couch.

~are you guys enjoying the story. I hope so. Plse send comments on how you like my story. Thanks. ~Natalie Cosby.

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