Everything I Didnt say!!


1. the begginning

this isnt the first chalter this is the intro for what yet to come ahead.

Ski's POV:

I don't usually do these kinds I things but if Keith wants me to then I will. Keith is my best friend we grew up together and I would do anything for him, but I made a deal with him, if heb asked out his crush then I would ask out mine. I live in Sydney Australia. My best friend is my crush. Well what can I say you would like him too if you seen how gorgeous he is. I drive in my Mercedes XLS. "I'm so nervous" I said to myself. I walked up to the front door. I could hear the xbox1 in the living room from outside. I knocked on the door three times until I could hear the lock on the door being unlocked and the door is opened. "Ski, what are you doing here" Ashton asked. "I need to speak to Luke" I said. "ok...luke's in the shower at the moment" Ashton said. he opened the door wider so i could come into the house. "hey ski" calum said. "hey" i said i am so nervous what if luke said no? what would he even say? would he say no and stop talking to me? im gonna get Keith for making me do this. michael came out the kitchen and walked into the living room, he looked shocked to see me. "ski, what are u doing here at this time of night" michael asked. "i have to tell luke something....well ask him something" i said. michael nodded. "what do you have to ask him" Ashton asked curious. "um...." "come on ski you can tell us" calum said. "okay..." i told the boys the deal that i made and they said they were pretty sure luke would say yes. i smiled maybe he would, if he does then he would make my day!

~hey everyone:) i hope u like my little intro. i'll update everyday if i can!! send comments if you like my story so far!! Sorry for the short intro didn't want to give away to much.

~natalie cosby

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