Everything I Didnt say!!


5. pain


Ski looks horrible. She sits up against the wall crying. When I sit down next to her, she hugged me. I could tell she was in pain by the way she struggled to move closer to me. "Ski..." She cut me off. " you don't have to say anything just stay with me"she said and that's what I did. Calum texted me. I told him to go on without me. Calum said ok and then I put my phone away. "Come on, I'm getting you out of here " I said. "Luke when I move it hurts." She said. I thought of what I could do. I stood up, gently reached around her body and lifted her. "Ow" she said. "Sorry,.." I held her bridal style and took her out the room, down the hallway and through the front door. I was surprised no one saw me. "Luke I have a car and my things are in my locker" ski said. "That's not important right now I will come back for that later at the moment you need help." I said. I carried her to my car and gently set her down. She looked like she felt miserable. I wanted to see her smile again. Basically I wanted her to be happy. I got into the car and pulled off.

(Hospital) ski sat in the lounge area as I talked to the doctor. I had to let the doctor know that I wasn't the person who done that to her. Anyway, dimitri pissed me off ski needs stitches, dimitri tore her insides. (How the hell did he do that). I walked over to ski. I told her what the doctor said. He gave me medicine to give her so she wouldn't feel the pain Dimitri made. she took the medicine right away. I carried her back to the Car once we were both inside she looked at me. " thank you...but won't we get in trouble in school. " she asked "yeah but you needed help." I said. "Oh my god!!...he didn't use protection what if I get pregnant...I lost my virginity to a rapist...my moms gonna kill me. I know she'll find out by they way I walk into the house and everything...the school probably already called her!!!!" Ski started to cry again. "Ski?" I said. She looked at me, her cheeks streaked with tears and I could see the hurt in her eyes. "Look, you can stay at my place until you heal.. I will make up something with your mom. I have a way with words. And you can have my room and you can stay there and rest. I'll go back to school and get your things when the guys get home." I wanted her to feel better. I wiped her tears and gave her a hug. I kissed her on the forehead as well. I pulled out the parking lot and headed to my place. Ski didn't say she was going to follow any of my plans but I decided to go through with it anyway. " how could I even pay for the stitches " ski asked. " leave it to me all you worry about is how much rest do you want or what you want me to do for you." I said. Once at the house, I looked over at ski. She was sleep which was good. I went to the passenger side of the car and gently wrapped my arms around her and I walked over to the front door opened it and then took I ski upstairs and laid her under my covers and kissed her forehead. I kind of smiled. "I will be back " I told her and I walked out the room and headed downstairs. I knew ski was going to bed. It was only 1:46. I has about 2 hours before the guys got out of school. I had ski's phone in my hand. I went to her contacts and texted her mom. I acted as if I was ski. Her mom replied saying that ski needed to come home. But I made an agreement with her mom saying:"I will be home later,I have things to do after school I made new friends and so I will be hanging with them" her mom replied:"fine but don't be late for school tomorrow." I locked her phone. I can't believe I just did that. I made something for me to eat. I made food for ski but when I went to my room she was sound asleep.

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