Everything I Didnt say!!


2. NEW LIFE- the beginning

Ski's POV:

I woke up around 5:30am to get ready my first day in a new city and a new school. My dad died when I was 3 years old. My mom and I were left alone, my mother decided to move to Sydney,Australia. At first I was a little upset to leave the city of Hollywood,but then I thought about things, I've done many wrong things in my life and moving would let me be able to start fresh. I put on my black skinny jeans, my black and white converse, and my red flannel. Im pretty sure my mom left for her new job. i grabbed my phone, keys and some money just incase i go somewhere after school instead of coming home. i grabbed a pop tart, made coffee and then headed out the door. i got into my car and headed to my new school. I knew where to go because my mom showed me the routes to take yesterday since I didn't want to ride the bus.

I looked for a parking space, once I got to school. I seen many students go to the front doors and go inside. i got out my car, not trying to bring attention to myself,when i felt a hand touch me and push me up against the side wall of the school. "your fresh....nice to know there is fresh meat in this school" a boy that had brown hair, tan skin, hazel eyes was standing in front of me. i would have moved if he didn't have a tight grip around my waist. "you know what Im gonna do" he said. i looked at him I wanted to hit him but he held me to tight for me to even move. "hey!!....Dimitri leave her alone!!" the boy turned around. I started for the front door but Dimitri grabbed my arm. "if you don't let go of her i will beat your ass right here in the parking lot." i looked at the boy who said this. "stay out of this Luke!!" Dimitri yelled. "or what!!" Luke threatened. "why don't you let her go before you get your ass beat!" Dimitri turned to the side and noticed three other boys coming over. "you won this round Luke!!...but i will get what i want." i got tired of the boys mouth. i waited for him to turn around and then i kicked him in his balls and punched him in the face when he got down on his knees. "damn!!" Luke said. the other boys laughed.

Dimitri stood up slowly, groaned a little and walked into the school. "you handled yourself very well" luke said. i looked up at him. this boy was huge. "do you have a name?" Ashton asked. "of course she does she's a person isn't she" michael said, giving Ashton a dummy smack. Ashton made a face at him that made me laugh. luke looked at me. "my names ski" i said. "this is luke, michael,ashton, and I'm calum" Calum said , pointing to each boy as he said their name. "are you new, I'm pretty sure i never seen you" Ashton said. Calum smacked his forehead. "yeah...um shouldn't we be getting to class" i asked. "yeah...are you a goody goody" ashton asked. "hell no!" i covered my mouth as i said that. i didn't want to act like that in this school. i used to cuss all the time and i would be picked on for what i wore. i didn't want these boys to think i was good but i wanted to keep myself out of trouble. and since i already cursed in front of them, i should probably show my true side. "so your a bad girl" luke said. i nodded and smiled. "good... wouldn't fit you especially after what you did to dimitri." michael said. calum nodded. luke me and the other boys walked into the school. everyone stares at me while i walked to my locker. "oh...cool, your lockers next to mine" ashton said. i smiled. "at least i will be by someone i know" i said. ashton smiled. Luke's locker was about six lockers away from mine. calum was next to him. michael was on the other side of me.

I put my stuff in my locker. i take out my schedule my mom went to pick up for me yesterday. Michael calum and ashton say goodbye to me and head to some other group of boys to talk to. luke came up behind me. "cool! you have almost all classes with me." i jumped. "damn it you scared me!" i said. Luke laughed. "sorry" i just looked at him. "come on, our school doesn't have homeroom. we go straight to first and we don't have assigned seats which means your gonna sit by me." luke said. i looked at him.

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