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I was going to make a story called secrets but I changed the name to I really don't care. I hope you like that story as much as this one!!:)

Luke's POV:

Ski and I arrived at the theater. We got out the car and headed inside. "We have at least 30 minutes before our movie so ash mike and cal are playing games at the arcade" I said. Ski nodded. We walked over to the arcade to see ash and mike racing and calum watching them. Of course mike was winning. "This game is rigged" ash said. "Don't get mad because you lost!" Mike teased. Ash looked at him causing us to laugh. Ski's phone vibrated.

S- hello. She didn't notice but us boys could hear the conversation.

Where the hell are you!?

A voiced snapped through the phone.

S-mom I just went out for a while. I'll be back soon...maybe. Ski said. She looked over at me with a smirk.

Mom-be careful

S-okay mom. I will.

Ski hung up and sighed. "She worries to much" ash said. Cal nodded. "Come on let's go before we loose the good seats." Mike said. We all smiled. And walked into the large room. The lights were still on and we didn't bring attention to ourselves since we are famous. We sat at the top and of course ski sat next to me. Calum sat next to me on the left. Ash sat on ski's right and next to him was michael. I held the popcorn and we each had a drink. (Should had mentioned that earlier).

Ski's POV:

The lights died down and the movie started. I felt luke grab my hand and we intertwined them. In the movie when rocket and groot came into play. We laughed. At what was happening. I really enjoyed the movie. Call me a nerd all you want but I love marvel. I looked over at luke who I caught staring at me. I leaned close to him. "I'll be right back I'm going to use the bathroom." I said. He nodded. And I stood up and was heading out to the restroom. "Ski?" I turned around to see a face i haven't seen in decades. "Melina?" I said. She nodded. I went up to her and hugged her. "I haven't seen you in forever. How are you?" Melina said. "I'm fine, I'm here with a few buddies of mine." I said. "So am I. Well she's basically on a date. I'm not really enjoying the time with them because I'm basically a third wheel and they're just on a date." Melina whined. "Well I'm heading to the bathroom but do you wanna chill with me" I asked. Not really sure if the boys would mine. Hopefully luke didn't have any other plans for me. Melina's face lit up. "Ok...but I'm not even in the same movie as you" she said. "So it's not like they are going to check. And besides you got me. Fuck anyone else" I said. Melina smiled. We went into the bathroom. I went to the stall while she was at the mirror. When I came out she was giving her self a touch up. "Could I borrow that?" I asked pointing to her eyeliner. She nodded. "So what have you been up to" I said. "Well I got excepted into Harvard and im going to start In Three months. Carly's. Dating Donovan and I'm basically a loner when they're around." She said. "No longer. What's your number?" I asked. Melina smiled. I handed her my phone and she gave me hers. We exchanged numbers and then we exited the bathroom. Melina followed me and. We got at the top of the steps leading to our seats she grabbed my arm. "Since when did you and luke Hemmings get so close" she asked. I smiled at her. "Since...I'll tell you later" I said. She nodded. Luke looked at Mel. Calum stared so hard I knew she noticed. Ash and mike watched the movie. Calum scooted down one and told Mel to sit there. She seemed nervous but I knew that cal wouldn't do anything so I told her to go ahead we would talk later. I sat down by luke and he looked at me. I read his expression. "Old friend of mine" I said. He nodded.

After the movie I hopped on to Luke's back. We walked out to mikes car. Mike and ash talked about the movie. I looked behind me and seen Mel and cal laughing up a storm. "You guys wanna go to a club or something" mike asked. we all nodded. "Cocktail king sound alright" he asked. "Sure" I said. Luke set me down and we got into the car. Mike drove. Ash sat in the passenger seat. Cal sat behind ash with Mel beside him. Then it was me and luke sat behind mike. We were driving and a song by all time low came on. Mike blasted it. I looked over at cal and caught him staring a Mel,hard. When he seen me give him the death glare he looked away. He knew that if he did something that I didn't like with her I would be on him like white on rice. But then again luke would probably stop me.

Calum's POV:

I look at Mel. Her red hair going down her back. I know You might think I'm a perv but her boobs poked out a little in the shirt that she was wearing. And she had on a v neck t shirt She had on white skinned jeans and black vans. Like the ones I was currently wearing. She was built. And I'm not talking about muscles. I loved her body. Her eyes were a baby blue color. My favorite color. She's amazing. I love her laugh. And that adorable smile. I must say her ass is huge. Why didn't ski tell me about her sooner. When ski caught me staring I knew she would hurt me if I did something to hurt Melina so didn't bother to ask her out I front of ski. And beside I need to get to know her.

At the bar-

We get out the car and once we get inside. Ash and mike go straight to the bar. Luke and ski grab a drink form the bar before going to take a seat I the lounge area. Mel,to my surprise pulls me over to the dance floor. "Dance with me" she said. I nodded. Then a nice beat started to come on and instantly Mel started to dance and I froze up. The way her body moved I had to move her close to me. She looked at me and blushed. "Your beautiful" I said. "No I'm not. Every guy in school says I'm hideous. They don't even talk to me unless they have a rude comment to say" Mel hissed. "Well you must have been dreaming. When I look at you I see a beautiful girl. If I were you I would never change a thing." I said. Mel smiled. "I need a drink " she said and she wondered over to the bar with me following. I loved the way she walks. The way those hips move back and fourth....ahem!..sorry off. Topic! Mike and ash were still drinking. Mel and I took a seat. "I would like something heavy" I said. The bar tender nodded. Mel looked at me. "Strawberry margarita would be fine" Mel said.

~hey guys. In this story something tragic is going to happen. I hope that you will enjoy. I would give you a spoiler but I won't ruin it. I know how some people hate for others to spoil. I will let you know on a secret though....wait no I can't cause thAts a spoiler also. Anyway,read on the see what happens.

~ Natalie Cosby

Oh you can message me on twitter to at-lilmissnickyN if you have anything to ask!!love ya!!

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