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4. lunch

(skip to lunch)

ski's POV:

I went to my locker. I put my books into my locker and waited for luke. But instead calum came over to me. I didn't know what class luke had so I waited by my locker but when calum came over I knew something was up. " Luke is in the office....again " calum said. " for what" I asked. " luke was right you do ask lots if questions but it's okay I do the same thing." Calum said. "Come on, we will meet luke ashton and michael at lunch." Calum grabbed my wrist and we walked out the school building. "Why are we eating in the cafeteria" I asked. "Because. The food is gross!" Calum said. "We will meet the boys at Nandos" calum said. "I never been there" I said. "Wow..did you even walk around town when you came here" calum said. " no I didn't want to get lost." I said. " well that makes sense but still. This weekend the guys and I shall give you a tour of the town or maybe even all over Sydney but to see everything it would take days." Calum said. We walked over to his car and we pulled out the parking lot. "Could you turn on the radio." I asked calum nodded. The song sweater weather by the neighborhood came on. I started to hum to it. I wanted to sing it but was to shy. "Shit!!!" I said. "What?" Calum said. " I left my phone in my last class..would you mind making a u-turn to go and get it before my teacher takes it " I said. "Only because I like you" calum said. I wasn't sure if calum meant like as a friend or more then that I kind of liked luke. I mean who wouldn't.

I rushed into my last class the teacher wasn't in her room. Lucky the door was unlocked. I went into the room, walked over to the seat I sat at and grabbed my phone luckily no one touched it. "Well well well" I turned around to see dimitri standing in the door way. "Your a bad girl " he said. I rolled my eyes. I tried walking pass him but he wouldn't let me by. "I feel bad about our first interaction together I would like to start over."I thought about what luke said about him. " no thanks." I said. Once more I tried leaving but he pushed me back into the room. "Mrs. Snider is down stairs eating Her lunch next period is her planning period we could stay here for those two periods and you could make out with me. All girls at this school got a taste if me" dimitri said. " yeah that's nice but I would like to not have a piece." I snapped. "oh.." Dimitri came close to me I backed up until I bumped into the desk I sat in. Dimitri grabbed me by the waist and pulled me close to him I tried to break apart but he held me so tight moving was useless. My face was centimeters from his. Dimitri kissed me. I wanted to smack the living shit out of him but I couldn't. He lifted me up on the desk and put his body between my legs. "Luke isn't here to save you" he said. "Get away from me you fuckin rapist..." Dimitri did the one thing I didn't want him to do. Still hanging on to me for dear life he unzipped his pants and unzipped mine. He put his hand on my face making sure I wouldn't scream and put his penis straight into me. I screamed but you couldn't really hear since he covered my mouth. It hurt and I couldn't do anything about it. He pushed in and out and he moaned. Tears came down my face as I felt the pain. Some girls might start to get into it but I kept trying to get away, from what I hear dimitri was good at what he does. But he hurt me I'm guessing other girls weren't treated the way he treated me. He wouldn't let me move every time I tried to break free he pushed harder into me making me want to scream. Dimitri held me close to him. He lifted me off the desk. Getting all into it and pushed me up against the wall. My cheeks were streaked with tears as he raped me. I lost my virginity to a rapist. My phone started to vibrate. Dimitri picks it up. "Oh luke wAnts to know where you are, guess he'll never know" dimitri put me on the ground and pushed into me even more. I started to really cry when I remembered he wasn't using protection. Dimitri looked at me. "What's wrong you don't know how to be happy what's will the tears." I gave him an evil glare about 5 minutes later he got off me. "We shall do that again sometime."He left the room still fixing his pants. I still laid on the floor in deep pain. I could barely move. I fixed my pants but slowly. My lower area felt horrible. I couldn't even stand. I grabbed my phone and texted luke. About 6 minutes later luke comes running in the room. My back is up against the wall and I'm crying. Luke comes to sit by me.

~damn ski is going through a lot. What do you think luke would do? Better yet what will happen to ski!? And what will dimitri do the next time.?

~Natalie Cosby

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