Everything I Didnt say!!


9. how did this happen?

Luke's POV:

Ski came into my room and was looking at the floor. She walked over and sat down on my bed and played with her hands. "Ski?" I said. She looked up at me. I could tell that she was crying. "Luke I'm sorry. Ash needed me to do something for him and when Megan said what she said he leaned in and kissed me. He didn't do it to....you know. But I was helping him out and Megan wouldn't leave until I kissed him back. And it wasn't what you think" ski said. "Then why were you so into it" I asked. Ski looked at me and started tearing up. Maybe I went to far. Or maybe not far enough. "Well" I said. "I don't know okay!! What else do you want me to say!!" Ski yelled. I looked at her. Yeah I might've went to far. "Ski" I said. "No listen!! I don't know why I was so into it but I was. I don't know what else you want me to say if you love me then you would see that I'm telling the truth and ash is too!!" Ski storms out my room and goes downstairs. "Ski!!!" I yelled. She didn't listen. She went outside and got into her car. Before she pulled off I ran to the car and pulled open the door. She looked at me. "Get out!" She snapped. "No!...I never said I didn't believe you just listen to me" I said. Ski looked out the window. I grabbed her chin and turned her head towards me. "Ski?" I said. She looked at me. "It's okay" I said. She nodded. I pulled her into a hug. She wrapped her arms around me and I hugged her tight. What else could I have said. She would only leave me behind and I don't want that. I believe her and I never want ash touching her again. When ski let go, I looked at her. "You're not mad at me" she said. I shook my head. "It's just that you should have told me about this I mean you should've told ash you couldn't do it" I said. "I did but..." She paused. "But what?" I asked. "Well he said I didn't have to tell you and that you didn't have to know or find out." Ski said. I looked at her. "Really now" I said. She nodded. I wasn't mad at her but at him.

Ski's POV:

Luke just looked at me. What was he thinking. I didn't want to tell him what ash said. I know that he's going to talk to ash. Let's hope nothing goes wrong. "Are you heading home?" Luke asked. I nodded. "Could I come over" I nodded. I pulled out the driveway and headed home. Why did he want to come over. I didn't bother asking. Luke turned on the radio and green day was on. I looked over at him. He looked pissed but when he caught me starring he put a fake smile on his face. I had to ask. "What are you thinking about" I asked. Luke shook his head. No! You gonna tell me. I said in my head. I pulled over. Luke looked at me. "Spill...tell me...now!" I said. Luke smirked. "Why did Megan come back? I don't remember him going out with her? And he had no right in his fucking mind to tell you what he said. I'm pissed at him for that. I can't help it. I'm coming to your house to cool down because michael and calum were coming over and ash would probably be with them. I don't want to see him at the moment. And besides why can't I hang with you" luke said. He smirked at me. I smiled and then pulled back onto the road. Once at the house, luke and I went into the house.

My mom was in her study by the kitchen. Luke and I snuck upstairs. "Does your mom even know about me?" Luke asked. I shook my head. "Why?" He asked. "Do you always ask questions?" I asked. Mocking what he said to me before. Luke nodded. "Well...I'm not allowed to date" I said. Luke's jaw dropped. "But your like 18 " he said. "I know my parents don't want me to be pregnant until I'm out of college and in college do you know how many people get kicked out for being pregnant or getting pregnant. I mean I have to watch my back once in college you're an adult. Which means no parents telling you what to do. And people get raped and everything" I said. "I get it." Luke said. "To much" I said. He nodded. I smiled. "So what do you want to do" I asked. "I don't know." Luke said.

Ashton's POV:

Michael, calum and I pulled into Luke's driveway. Michael went to knock on the door. I know Luke's mad. I know he wouldn't want to see me. Calum got out the car and I followed. "Where the fuck is he?" Calum said. Michael shrugged. I didn't say anything. "Call him" Michael said. "Like you don't have his number" calum said. Michael looked at him. Calum took out his phone and called him.

C- dude where the fuck are you

L- I'm at Ski's

C- well we are at your house and you're not here. Where can we meet.

L- let's go to the movies and then dinner

C- alright cool meet us at the theater

L- alright bye.

Calum hung up and told us where we were going. "Nice..let's go" michael said. I trailed behind calum and michael not saying a word. We got into the car and michael pulled out the driveway.

Luke's POV:

"Ski do you want to go to the movies." I asked. "Yeah. I would love to" she said. We were sitting on her bed talking and we stopped when calum called me. She looked at me while I was talking to him. After asking if she wanted to come to the movies. I heard someone coming upstairs. I ran into ski's closet. Her mom barged in as soon as I closed the closet door. I just hid behind the door as I heard ski and her mom sit down on the bed.

Ski's POV:

"I have to tell you something?" mom said. "What?" I said. "Well you remember when I told you that I was going on a date." Mom said. I nodded. "Well it turns out the date has been extended." I looked at my mom with confusion. "I'm going on a trip with him. We will be going to the Bahamas for a few months. I will be calling to check on you everyday. The only problem is that you can't stay here because...it's a long story and it's information you don't need to know. So...you need a certain place to stay." Mom said. "I'll find a place" I said. I thought of luke. I know he was listening and since luke is taking me to Paris in a day from now I now know that I can go. My mom is gone for three months. That means me and luke can have time alone. FOR THREE MONTHS!! How cool is that. "Dinner will be ready soon" mom said. "Oh um I'm going out for dinner is that okay" I said. My mom looked at me. "Come on ever since we moved here we never had you and me time. You can cancel plans tonight. You need to get ready for dinner at home." And with that my mom left the room. I went over to the closet and opened the door. Luke fell to the ground but then caught himself. I laughed. He looked up at me before standing. "I'm guessing that the dinner and movie thing is out the question" luke said. Not trying to say anything about what just happened. I nodded. "You can stay with me until she gets home if you want....Well....I'll see you tomorrow" and with that luke kissed me and then went out the window. I seen him take out his phone probably telling calum to come and pick him up somewhere. I washed my hands and then headed downstairs to eat.

Ashton's POV:

Calum drove to ski' s house so that we could pick up luke. I'm sure that luke wouldn't want to say anything to me but I will have to find out when he gets into the car.

Calum pulled up to the curb and luke hopped in next to me. He looked at me but I didn't say anything. "Sup guys" luke said."sup" calum said. Michael said the same. I didn't say anything. "What's up ash" luke said. I looked at him. What was he trying to do. "Sup" I said. I pulled out my phone and got on twitter. Luke leaned forward in the front seat and turned on the radio. I put my ear phones in and listened to music.

Calum pulled into Pizza Hut and parked. Calum and michael got out the car and luke followed. "Luke. Can I talk to you?" Luke turned around to face me. He didn't say anything. He walked over to me. "Go save us a sit" I said to calum and michael they nodded and went inside. "What?" Luke said. I could see that he didn't want to talk to me. I didn't blame him. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have kissed ski" I said. "You know damn we'll you shouldn't have" luke snapped. "Look..you can be mad at me all you want. You have every right. I just hope that this doesn't mess up our friendship. Like looked at me. "Damn dude. Don't beat yourself up. I never said I hated you. I'm just a little heated." Luke said. He didn't seem so angry anymore. I just looked at him. "Come on..mike and cal are waiting for us." Luke said. I followed him into Pizza Hut and we told the lady to tell us where mike and cal were. She blushed when she seen me. She was at least my age. But I didn't acknowledge her. She looked back at luke and led us to the table where michael was. "Here you go " she said. She glanced at me and then walked way. Luke sat next to calum as usual. I sat next to michael.

Ski's POV:

Mom was in the dining room setting my plate of food on the table. It had corn potatoes and chicken breast on it. A glass of water was at my seat along with a napkin fork and another glass filled with fruit punch. I sat down at the table. Mom looked at me and smiled. "Sorry for earlier. We just don't do things like we used to" mom said. She sat down across from me. "It's okay. I should have hung with you when we came her. So I'm sorry to." "Apology accepted." Mom said. "Mom?" I said. "Hmm" mom said. She had a pice of chicken in her mouth. "What would you do if I told you that I had a boyfriend" I said. My mom looked at me. "You're not pregnant are you" mom asked. I shook my head. Well at least I don't think so. "Well your dad doesn't want you to date but he isn't here now. I think your mature enough to know not to have sex with anyone until you know for sure your ready or at least have protection. But I wouldn't mind if you have a boyfriend." Mom said. I looked at her. "Ok.. What's the catch. Cause I'm not buying what you're selling" I said. "Well the catch is that I need to approve of this boy your with. If I don't like him you can't be with him" mom said. My mouth went open to protest but no words came out. Mom wouldn't approve of my luke. He has tattoos and he has a lil ring that i love. But the way that luke is she wouldn't approve. I feel horrible maybe I should've kept my mouth shut. "So when will I meet the special someone. I know you're already with him because you would've never asked at a time like this" mom said. " I don't know when you'll meet him. Maybe after your trip." I said. Mom nodded.

After eating I went upstairs and texted luke.

S- where are you?

L- I. Pizza Hut getting ready to go to the movies. Why?

S- no reason. I just got finished eating and my mom wants to meet you. But only after her trip. I don't think she'll approve because she wants me to be with a guy that's the complete opposite of you

L- really now!!

S-yeah. No offense.

L- no taken. I want to meet your mom. I will wait for after her trip to meet her. Do you want to come to the movies with us we are going to see guardians of the galaxy. I can buy the tickets and then come pick you up

S- sure. Come get me.

L- okay beautiful I'll be there soon.

I put my phone on my vanity and laid down on my bed. I heard my mom go into her room. Probably going to get ready for her trip. I didn't like how she was leaving to go to the Bahamas with a guy I didn't even know. But it's okay. My phone ringed and I picked it up. It was Kenzie. "Ski I need you to come over right away. I'm at my house. I need to talk to you." Kenzie said. I looked at the time. Luke wouldn't be here right away. Kenzie was a close friend I needed to know what she wanted to tell me. I got off my bed and out my shoes on. I went over to my window and opened it. I texted luke telling him where I would be when he was coming to get me. I went out the window and got into my car and headed to Kenzie's. I turned on the radio and listened to music. I sung along. I pulled into Kenzie's driveway and headed to the front door. I rung the door bell. *ding dong* I heard foot steps and when the door opened an arm pulled me inside.

~omg. Who's messing with her this time. If you were paying attention to my story you should know if not you better look back and see what you didn't let sink in. Comment on how you like my story!!thanks!! ~Natalie Cosby

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