Everything I Didnt say!!


3. first period

Luke's POV:

(first period)

i grabbed ski's hand and took her to first period. when i looked behind me, she had her cheeks fully red. i must have made her blush by holding her hand. we walked through the halls in awkward silence. but she soon finally spoke up. "why was dimitri messing with me?" she asked. "i looked at her beautiful hazel eyes. i think i liked her. "dimitri is a man whore.... he fucked at least all the girls in the school, and girls think I'm the worst. if a guy wanted to know what a certain girl looked like under her clothes, they would go to dimitri for information. " i said. i glanced at her and could tell she was a little, i don't know how to say it, freaked-grossed out. whats the proper term. "well.... thats..." she couldn't even say what she wanted. "how many girls have you been with?" she asked me. i stopped in the hallway. she looked up at me. maybe i should've kept my mouth shut. "one" i said. "are you two still together" she asked. i shook my head. "what happened?" she said. "do you always ask questions" i said. she went silent. i looked at her. "I'm sorry" i said. "you don't have to apologize, somethings you just don't ask" she said. i like her even more. she understands what I'm trying to say. "here's our first period" i said. she looked through the door way. we were early, but i wanted to learn more about her. i told her to come and sit by me in the back of the class. "this school is big as shit!" she said. i chuckled. "what?" ski asked. "nothing" i said.

"so tell me about yourself" i said. "what do you want to know?" ski said. "anything you would tell a friend" i said. "okay...well i was born on February 13.." i cut her off. "you are an Aquarius like calum. he was born on january 25th." i said. she just looked at me. "uh...continue" i said. "well my dad died when i was three.." she paused. "and come to think of it it was so long ago since i seen him it feels like he never existed....um...my mom is my best friend. um... i love singing but i have stage freight. i am loud but shy to speak in front of a big group of people that are staring back at me. i like to design clothes and since my mom is a clothes designer she said she will design them for me one day.i love pink and black. i am obsessed with jolly ranchers, chocolate, and anything sour like sour heads or sour skittles. i hate scary movies and i have a fear of heights and needles. i love cartoons such as the avatar, adventure time,dragon ball z, and all of adult swim, i love marvel and i have all the transformer movies and other action films i love comedy also my favorite animals are wolves,dolphins,pandas and penguins..." i put my hand on her mouth. "dont say anymore your to amazing. for one ashton hates needles. michael loves dragon ball z and i adore penguins!" i said. ski smiled. "oh and i love video games too" ski said. i wanted to kiss her. she was one of those girls that you don't often see around. i love her!!! multiple students came into the class room and took a seat. the teacher cane in the class room and said good morning to everyone. i was so happy to have ski to myself. well at least for the moment. i grabbed a piece of paper out of my bag and wrote a note to ski. i passed the note to ski she read it. IT READ:

hey could i have your number


she smiled. wrote and handed it back to me. it read: moving a little fast aren't you


i smiled and turned to face her. "thats not the way i meant it"i said "i know" she said. "you two students in the back, do you have something you would like to share with the class" the teacher said. "no" I said. "then quite talking." i nodded and them turned around to face ski. "bastard" me and ski said this at the same time. we both laughed. Ski and I talked to each other the whole time.

~hey!!! How do you like the story so far!!! If I do say so my self I love it!!!! I will say one thing ,I will try to keep you guessing through the whole story.

~Natalie Cosby

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