Everything I Didnt say!!


6. explain

Calum's POV:

I walked into my last class. Ashton and michael came into the class room. "Where the hell is luke?" I asked. Michael shrugs. When the tardy bell rings, I notice luke still isn't here. I ask the teacher if I can go to the bathroom. My teacher gives me a pass and I walk out the room. Michael and ashton talk to each other. Once in the bathroom, I pull out my phone and text luke. It read:

C-where the hell are you?! You don't show up to lunch and your not in class, and where's ski she has this class too!

Luke took forever to text back.

L-I'm at home,ski's with me. I'll tell you what happened later.

C- luke did you get laid!!!!

L-no!!! She got....I'll tell you when you get here!

I put my phone away and headed to class. Michael and ashton looked at me when I sat down by them. "Where is he?" Michael asked. "Home" "what?" Ashton said "he said he'll tell me the details later." I said. Michael and ashton nodded.

Ashton POV:

I wonder what the hell happened. Did luke take her home to fuck her. If her did, I'm fucking him up. He just met her. After I did my work. I looked at the clock. I counted down until the bell rung. "Hey ashton what's number seven" michael said. "Dude...it's a crossword." I said. Michael looked at me like: no shit! I gave him the answer. "Thank you! That's all you had to do" michael said. I shook my head. The bell would ring in about 3 minutes. I gathered my stuff and got ready for the bell to ring so did michael and calum. When the bell rung michael calum and I were the first to leave. We needed to go and see what luke had to say.

Michael's POV:

I went to my locker and then went over to Ashton's. We both waited for calum. Then we headed to our cars. We noticed that ski still had her car there. "Uh....that's ski's Mercedes right" I said. "Yeah" calum said. "Yeah he took her home to fuck her!" Ashton blurted. "Wait let's not jump to conclusions." Calum said. "What other conclusion could it me?" I asked. Calum ignored me and called luke.

C-luke why the fuck is ski's car here!

L-before I answer that go to ski's locker and open it grab her book bag and her phone and Keys I'll come back and get the car when you get here the combination is 3-0-39 that's what she said.

C- damn it luke!!

Calum hung up. "You handled that well" I said sarcastically. Calum rolled his eyes. Ashton headed to his car. I did the same. Calum ran back into the building.

Luke POV:

I could tell that calum was pissed and so I didn't bother calling him back. Ski was upstairs watching a movie. She didn't feel the pain but she was still upset. I went upstairs to my room. She was cuddling with my stuffed penguin. I sat down on my bed. "I'm fine" she said. She knew I was going to ask if she was okay. I looked at the tv screen she was watching anchorman. I loved that movie. She moved closer to me. She laid her head on my chest and watched the movie. I looked down at her she laughed and I've been waiting for her to be happy. I loved everything about her. Then I heard a knock on the door. "They're here." I said. She looked up at me like:who. "I'll be back" I said. Ski nodded. I went downstairs and opened the door. Calum ashton and michael came straight in. "Where is she?" Calum said. "Upstairs..." I seen ashton run up there. Michael went to grab a soda from the fridge and handed calum one. "Spill" michael said. I looked at them. Michael and calum sat next to each other and looked at me. "Dimitri..." Ashton came running downstairs. "Why didn't you beat dimitirs ass for messing with her?!" Ashton yelled. "What did he do?" Calum said. Michael looked at me. "Dimitri raped ski!" Ashton said. "Where is that bastard, I'm gonna beat his ass as soon as I see him" michael said. "Yeah but you gotta understand one thing. We don't see ski 24/7 and if we beat his ass when he gets a hold of her he will make her feel even more miserable." Luke said. "So what the hell do we do" calum said. "Watch her, someone needs to be around her at all times." Luke said. "It's all my fault... I let her go back in the building and get her phone I knew I should've went with her" calum said. "Dude..calm yourself" ashton said. "Ski! Come here for a sec!" Michael yelled. I went pale. Ski couldn't get up. She would be in pain. I ran upstairs when the boys weren't looking. I ran to my room. Ski sat on the edge of the bed. "Luke! Thank goodness... Should we tell them." She asked. "Hell no just pretend you fell asleep. But before she could lay down, michael calum and ashton barged into my room. "Didn't you hear us call you" ashton said. She nodded. "I'm sorry ski.. I should've went with you" calum said. "No don't beat yourself up, I'll handle him later" ski said. I smiled. "You know I'm really hungry" ski said. I looked at her. Why did she have to say that? "You wanna go out to eat" calum said. I shook my head at her. But she was too hungry to understand it would be a pain to get downstairs. "Yeah sure" ski said. "Alright" ashton went downstairs. Calum and michael followed. I closed the door when they left. "How the hell will you get downstairs." I said. "Let me on your back"she said. "ThAt involves opening your legs" I said. She laughed but I was being serious.

"Just come here" she said. I walked toward her turned around and kneeled so she could get on my back. "Okay now that I think about it this is a bad idea." She said. "Told you" luke said. "Fuck it turn around" she said. I did as she said,although she would be in pain, the thing I didn't want was for her to get mad at me. " where's my friend Kenzie when you need her" she said. She slowly wrapped her legs around me. She breathed heavily. "Damn it!" She yelled in pain. "Luke,ski come on" ashton yelled from downstairs. "Luke get up slowly" she said. I did. We went downstairs. Michael looked at us. "What the hell took so long?" Ashton asked. Calum looked at him. Ashton was on his phone and he looked up to see ski on my back. "Luke why is she crying" ashton said. I looked over my shoulder but I couldn't see her face. "Ski?" Michael said. I could feel her shift on my back and look at him. "Why are you crying?" Calum asked. I looked behind me. She sighed and told them everything. I just. Stood looking like an idiot. "Dude why didn't you tell us,we would've never made her get up" michael said. "Dude put her down,she's crying because of you" ashton said. I went over to the couch and kneeled so all she had to do was slide off my back. Calum grabbed me by the arm and said he needed to talk to me alone. Oh shit! I thought. Ashton sat down by ski. Michael asked if she needed anything. Ski shook her head.

Ski's POV:

I have to say,I am in deep pain. Michael left after a while. Ashton stayed by me. "Are you sure you're okay" he asked. I nodded. "Why didn't you tell me when I came to talk to you earlier, I wouldn't have said anything" ashton said. "I know but if I told you then I know you would have probably went to find him and tore him up." "You known me for like what. 7-8 hours and you know me so well " ashton said. "Without violence how could I get dimitri away from me" I asked. " he needs another girl to fuck" ashton said. I told ashton to go upstairs in Calum's room and grab My phone. When he came back I dialed my friend Kenzie's number. "Who are you calling?" Ashton said. "Shh...hey un where are you" I asked through the phone. Kenzie waited about 2 minutes before answering.

K-I'm at Keith's

S- omg is he in town

K-he moved here

S- I'm gonna give you my address come over to this house.

Kenzie said ok before hanging up.

"Who's Keith and who the hell is Kenzie." Ashton asked. "Keith's my beat friend,Kenzie's a whore I don't like her but I want her to get dimitri away from me. So I will make up a plan to get her to enroll in my school." I said. Ashton looked impressed. "I would've done the same thing" he said.

Luke's POV:

"Dude I didn't tell you because you would've doubted yourself and felt guilty." I said. "Yeah true" calum said. We walked downstairs to see two people giving ski a hug. A boy and a girl. "Keith you got tall as shit" ski said. "I know, and your growing to" he said. "Who the fuck are they?" I said. "You're jealous" calum said. "No I'm not" I said. You could tell I really was. Keith helped ski up. She didn't even act like it hurt. The girl talked to ashton. "So you're Kenzie" he said. She nodded. "So.." Keith said. He put his arm around ski I wanted to move him away from her but I didn't want to make her mad at me. Calum went over where they were and joined the conversation. I just stood by the step listening. " I'll be back I need to use the restroom" ski walked regularly but I could tell she was in pain. She walked upstairs not trying to spread her legs thAt far.

-skip in time after the stitches and when ski heals. -during spring break!

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