Machete Handles and Sweet Perfume

Lukai, an independent 15 year old has been struggling ever since she left home. Earning her keep by hunting and being an assassin, her life gets all the more troublesome when she's discovered by Social Services and thrown into the High School scene. Fighting against every instinct she has, Lukai must learn how to fit in with the others or go back to her parents.


2. Earning my keep

I stepped around the woods unknowingly. This area seemed to be very dense, with many trees and bushes that marked this place as unfamiliar. I quickly swept an eye across my surroundings. After three days, I had made my way somewhere that would be considered about a 64 hour run from my home, maybe a 2 hour drive, and I was starting to get really hungry. It had been a long time since I last hunted by myself, but I was sure that my skills wouldn't fail me if I chose to go for something other than berries. Careful of where I placed my feet, I quietly stalked around the brush, looking for anything that stood not too far ahead of me. It seemed no hunters were walking around looking for game that morning, so the animals roamed freely around, leaving me with many options. I settled on what seemed like a fairly healthy doe who strayed off from the rest of her family. As quickly as my feet would carry me, I buried my blade in it's side, and ended it's life. There was but one problem...well, what now? I groaned and hit my forehead. How could I be such an idiot?! I go and kill a 125 lb. deer without even thinking about how the hell I was gonna get it anywhere? I just had to go and crave meat, didn't I. I simply shrugged to myself for the moment.

"Well, I might be able to just-" 

"Hey! You there! How were you able to get that deer on you own?!" A gruff voice interrupted from nearby. 

With a twist of my wrist and leg, I whipped around to face the voice. It belonged to a man about 5' 8", broad build, looked like a butcher of some sort. I pointed the end of the blade towards him to let him know not to make another step if he didn't want some nasty cuts.

"And who are you..?" I asked suspiciously.

"Oh! My apologies; I run a nearby fresh meat deli, and we could really use a hunter with your skill around. You see, we haven't had much in our inventory since a gang of kids started ransacking our town," he explained thoroughly, his eyebrows mashed together in confusion. 

I looked him up and down cautiously. 

"I hunted it down early, and killed it while it wasn't lookin'. Who wants to know?" I asked with an annoyed tone.

"A butcher in debt with no food on the table, that's who," he responded quietly.

"How much would it go for if I were to give it to you?" I questioned sympathetically, gesturing to the fallen doe. 

"Well, right now I only have about $75 on me, that is, until I get paid again..." He trailed off with a pitiful expression.

"Give me some of the meat cooked, and you've got yourself a deal," I smiled broadly. 

I began to walk over to the deer, but turned around once more.

"On second thought, you said you happen to need someone to get you more fresh meat for your shop?" I asked.

His eyes brightened. and he bobbed his head up and down.

"Oh, yes please, miss! It would help a lot if you joined the team!" He practically beamed.

"Well, that's settled then," I finished, as I turned back to face the deer on the ground. 

We shook on it, and he helped me carry it to the shop. The town look so devastated, so broken down; it was hard to believe that anyone lived there, or chose to make a living there. I decided that it might be best for me to take a look around, get used to the place since I would be working there temporarily. Every corner of every street, there were places with either all their windows smashed in, or with a fire blazing within. It was pretty depressing. Peeking around the corner, I noticed a group of about 4 guys, all trying to figure out how to use different kinds of guns or knives. I could presume that this inexperienced lot was the gang murdering this town.I firmly decided that this place would be my home, and that it needed my help. I turned back around on my heel, and walked away from the town in search of a place to stay, or an area nearby that might be a good spot to make a place to stay. Looking back to face the town one last time before my search, I committed a decision to my mind.

As long as I was here, my purpose would be to eliminate as many members of that gang until they finally gave up their grip.


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