Wanted Backstage

I’m enjoying “Good Girls”, the show is coming to an end, when I feel a hand on my shoulder that interrupts my thoughts. I turn around to see a Security Guard, which is very frightening, even though he doesn’t look angry at all. I think he even has a smile on his face.
“Is there a problem, Sir?” I ask, trying to be as polite as possible.
“No problem, Ma’am. But I have a request from Mr. Hemmings for you to meet him backstage. If that is alright with you, I ask you to follow me Ms,”


3. The Perfect Date

       After a quick nap under the warm covers with Luke, i insist on him going back to his own room while i get ready for our date. I make my way downtown to the nearest shopping mall, and enter Charlotte Russe. Tight red dress or flowy blue dress? My thoughts turn to letting Luke decide, but i also want it to be a surprise. Ugh, i'm so nervous. 

       "Need help?" A voice from behind startles me. I turn around just to see a petite employee, with bright eyes and a big smile.

       "Actually, some help would be perfect," i reply, smiling at the young girl, "So, I'm going on a date tonight, and i can't decide between the red or the blue." I tell her. She examines my face and looks me up and down. 

        "How cute is the boy?" she asks me, which catches me off guard.

        "Uh, one a scale from one to ten, he's a twelve." I answer, being completely honest, she giggles at my response.

        "Then the red for sure, girl," i am about to thank her, when she grabs my arm and tells me it's time for shoes. We make our to the back of the boutique, for the employee to stop and ponder among the hundreds of pairs of shoes.

       "Size, honey?" She asks me, breaking me from my dream of owning all these shoes.

        "Size 6," She walks over and grabs a pair of gold platform heels, they're so cute.

       "Now, you're ready." She tells me.

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