Wanted Backstage

I’m enjoying “Good Girls”, the show is coming to an end, when I feel a hand on my shoulder that interrupts my thoughts. I turn around to see a Security Guard, which is very frightening, even though he doesn’t look angry at all. I think he even has a smile on his face.
“Is there a problem, Sir?” I ask, trying to be as polite as possible.
“No problem, Ma’am. But I have a request from Mr. Hemmings for you to meet him backstage. If that is alright with you, I ask you to follow me Ms,”


5. On the Run


I'm so ready for tonight. This girl is beautiful. Although grabbing her some flowers made me late, I think she will be pleased. Making my way over to the theater where we will meet, i receive a text from my princess. Juggling the roses and my phone in my hands, i open the text.

From: Jocelyn<3

Hey love, waiting outside theater and this weird black car just pulled up in front me.

Starting to get freaked out, hurry! xoxo

​Oh god, i knew the flowers would take too long, I start to jog on the streets of New York City, eager to make sure Jocelyn is okay. Crossing the street, I am relieved to say I have arrived at the theater. Wait where's Jocelyn? My mind starts to race as I connect her text message with why she isn't standing in front of me at the theater. I have to find her.

Angry and determined, I call Michael, Calum, and Ashton. They have a car, and will help me find the beautiful girl i long to be with.

"What's up, Hemmings?" Michael answers the phone.

"Hey, Mikey. You know that girl from the concert?"

"Yeah, cute curly hair, right?"

"Yeah, her name is Jocelyn. Anyways, i was on my way to meet her and bring her to the club later tonight when she texted me telling me that there was a black car waiting in front of her at the theater. When i got here, she was gone, Dude, I've gotta find her, and i think you and i both know who took her."

"Oh god man. We're on our way. Stay at the theater. Why the hell do they think they can do this to the people we meet? We don't care what people think. Stay at the theater, be there in 10."

"Thanks, Mikey."

"Wait Luke! Calum wants to know if you want Twizzlers."

"Michael, are you kidding me? Get your ass over here to the theater you dip-shit!" I hang up.

You're probably wondering who we are talking about. Before i tell you who it is, just know this isn't the first time they've gotten angry at us. But this is the first time they've taken our friends. The Management. They don't want us to have bad publicity, so they think they can choose who we date, hang out with, etc.

This is the last time they do this to 5 Seconds of Summer. I'm gonna get my girl, and there's nothing they can do about it.

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