Wanted Backstage

I’m enjoying “Good Girls”, the show is coming to an end, when I feel a hand on my shoulder that interrupts my thoughts. I turn around to see a Security Guard, which is very frightening, even though he doesn’t look angry at all. I think he even has a smile on his face.
“Is there a problem, Sir?” I ask, trying to be as polite as possible.
“No problem, Ma’am. But I have a request from Mr. Hemmings for you to meet him backstage. If that is alright with you, I ask you to follow me Ms,”


7. His Arrival

***LUKE'S POV***

I need to find my princess. Michael arrives at the theater 10 minutes later, just as he told me. I hope into his black Cadillac, which has a spongebob bumper sticker on the back: typical Michael. 

"Management headquarters?" he asks me as soon as i click the seat belt in the front seat. Calum and Ashton are giggling at a photoshopped picture of Michael in the backseat. (Look at picture) i would be laughing too if i was back there. Some pretty talented fans out there with their drawing hahahahha.

Once we arrive at the big lit up Management building, Michael drops me off so i can go in to find Jocelyn, who will soon be the love of my life. 

"Go find curly chick, and the rest of us will talk to the head."

"Got it, thanks Mikey." I shut the car door and run inside. I approach Mary at the front desk.

"Hey Mary, do you know where the girl is that Dean picked up earlier? i gotta find her."

"Oh sure, sweetie, room 313 on the third floor. Dean said he expected you, and he wants me to tell you that this was your warning." Dean is the head of management. I guess he just wanted to talk to her, and scare her. We're lucky he didn't hurt her. I hope she still wants to be with me. I want to kill Dean.

As i arrive at room 313, i find my baby in the cold room, all duct taped. how could i have let this happen to her. I run to un-tape her.

"Baby, I'm so sorry. Mikey and Cal and Ash are talking to Dean right now, he's the tall guy and the leader. Don't you worry, baby. They're gonna hurt him like he hurt you. I'm so sorry i put you through this. If you don't want to be with me after this i understand. But you're gorgeous and sweet and i want you in my life." I can't stop comforting her.

Once she is undone, she tells me, "Luke, i want to be with you. I understand all of this. I'm just glad you found me."  our lips meet again and i am so glad knowing she is safe again.

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