Wanted Backstage

I’m enjoying “Good Girls”, the show is coming to an end, when I feel a hand on my shoulder that interrupts my thoughts. I turn around to see a Security Guard, which is very frightening, even though he doesn’t look angry at all. I think he even has a smile on his face.
“Is there a problem, Sir?” I ask, trying to be as polite as possible.
“No problem, Ma’am. But I have a request from Mr. Hemmings for you to meet him backstage. If that is alright with you, I ask you to follow me Ms,”


4. Captured

       I step onto the cold pavement of the sideways in the beautiful city I'm in. I am to meet Luke in 15 minutes down the block in front of the theater. He has a surprise planned for me. I walk down the streets in my new red dress and gold heels, feeling confident as ever, knowing I'm Luke's girl. I really am so lucky.

       Standing in front of the theater, I'm glad i arrived before Luke, I am so nervous. I need to reapply my lipstick. As i reach for my clinique tube of pink lipstick, a car pulls up in front of me, which is slightly unusual. The windows are tinted, and the car is all black, this is really weird. Am i over reacting? I should text Luke. 

To: Lukeyy(:

Hey love, waiting outside theater and this weird black car just pulled up in front me.

Starting to get freaked out, hurry! xoxo

         As i press send, my thoughts are interrupted by the stirring of the black car door in my peripheral vision. A man in a black suit is walking towards me fast and not stopping? Who is he? What's happening? My blood pressure, curiosity and anger shoot through the roof as this large, strong man grabs me by the arm and ushers me into the black car. He opens the vacant back seat, shoves me in and shuts the door.

        Sweat and tears drip from my face as i look around searching for a way out, or a face i can recognize. A noise beeps and startles me as i look up to see the vents opening, and a strange odor coming from the vents. Once i take a deep breath in, I fall fast asleep, and can't do a single thing about it

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