baby love

"r you ready (y/n)" niall shouts "almost" you yell back. you and niall were going to the doctors because...........


4. the baby

                                                        *your 9 months pregnant*

  you had just gone into labor and niall was rushing you to the hostital. "it's gonna be alright (y/n) just keep breathing" niall said trying to calm you down. when you got there the the doctor said "ok Mrs. Horan 1,2,3, PUSH!" after a couple minutes you had your baby girl in you arms. you and niall named her sondra. "she looks just like you" niall said. you and niall could never be more happy! the boys and their girlfriends came over to the hoptital and talked for a while.

                                                         * 3 days later*

   it was finally time for you to go home. you dressed sondra in : and:


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- hey hoped you liked it let me know what you thinked!!!!!

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