baby love

"r you ready (y/n)" niall shouts "almost" you yell back. you and niall were going to the doctors because...........


2. plans

    " i can not believe that you r going to have a baby!" elounor said "me either" Sophia and perrie said at the same time! "i know !"... meanwhile in the kitchen...... "r you exited or what!" louis asked niall, "r u kidding of course i am!" niall answered. " do you want a girl or a boy?" harry asked him "i don't really care" niall told him.....meanwhile back in the living room..... "do you want a girl or a boy?" perrie asked you "well i would like a girl but i am totally fine if it is a boy" you repled. after everyone left you and niall got in to pj's and then sat on the couch and watched titanic. *in the morning* you and niall were still on the couch . you woke up first and carefully got up so you would not wake up  niall and went to take a shower. after you were all ready for the day you went to go wake niall up. "babe it's time to get up" you told him, "ok be up in a sec" he replyed. you two went shooping for the baby and got a crib some toys ect.

   *half way through your pregnacy*

  " niall we r going to be late" you called from the bottom of the stairs, "ok i am coming". when you and niall got to the doctors you 

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