baby love

"r you ready (y/n)" niall shouts "almost" you yell back. you and niall were going to the doctors because...........


1. a sweet surprise

 "r you ready yet?" niall yelled from the bottom of the stairs, "almost" you yelled back. you and niall were going to a doctors appointment because you were feeling awful. "ready you yelled running down the stairs". you and niall got into his car and he drove you to the doctors. when you got there you signed in they waited. "(y/n) horan" the nurse called, you and niall followed the nurse into the room. you sat down on the patient's table."so you r here because of morning sickness?" the nurse asked you, "yep" you answered. after the nurse did some test and came back with the results. "Mrs. horan it looks like you r pregnant, congratulations!" the nurse said. you and niall were in sock - but happy shock!- on your way home you and niall were talking about the baby. when you got home you and niall went on Skype and told every one that you were pregnant, niall just finished a tour so he could stay with you (beside some concerts). the rest of the boys were coming over with their girlfriends. when they got there the boys were at the kitchen table playing card games while the girls were in the living room talking about.........




----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------hey sorry the chapters r so short. let me know if u want me to make more chapters r story's!

- $LIz 

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