My real life


1. the start

My mum was 22 and my Dad was 21 when they got me. My Dad wasent reddy to have a child at that point so he wasent home alot. He was out partying the most of the time my mum never went out partying becaus she wantid to be the Best mum ever. When my Dad was home to baby sit us we started to cry. After when my mum came home i would have a red hand print on my leg i still remember the way he did'it and the Way it heartid and the Way i cry'd. I was only 5 years old. he did it from the age of 3 to 7. when i was 7 my mum did'ent love him longer and we moved to Bornholm i only mist my best freind she was the only thing i had i had no freinds exsept her no body liked me. She did'ent go to my School. I tride to make freinds but no body whantid me i was alone for 3 years.after 2 years in Bornholm my Dad moved over and he still wasn't reddy.I still didn't have any friends 2 years in Bornholm and no friends.When there was gone 3 years in Bornholm I still did,ent have any friends and every day after school I was crying becaus I didn't have any friends.i was glad going to school.the lunch brake came I was alone I try,d to get friends but no body wold let me in they just shuted me out.then my dad was reddy to wach me and my sister.on the 4 year my dad said he might move back to England again I was a littel bit glad.he still wasn't the best he wold shout at us eat desert and drink cola alone if we Ask,t if we could have some he would say nooooo.

This is my story I'm 12 know and still don't have friends. I've learnd that I should be thank fall for that I have a life.

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