My friend Fern

13 year old Dawn is out walking on Dartmoor after a family argument. She twists her ankle and starts to think she will never get home (quite literally) but can the mysterious girl Fern help her or will she end up being just another Dartmoor legend?


7. The truth

“Wait, there’s someone I want you to meet. Fern?” I called out into the darkness, braking free from the hug, “Fern, where are you?” I started hobbling back towards the gate. “FERN” I hollered. A small, ghostly figure turned and waved at me, it was Fern, I knew it! But she was fading fast, I sobbed, what was happening? Then Fern was gone. I realised she was a ghost! Well, that explains a lot, I thought to myself. But then I realised that I she was gone. Forever. “Nooo” I whimpered in despair, “Noooooooo Fern, please. Please Fern, no.” But it was too late. “Thanks,” I whispered, turning back to the expectant and confused faces of my family and the police. “W-wh-what j-just happened?” came my sister’s voice. I raised my tear stained eyes, squared my shoulders and began limping indoors. At the door I was greeted by a wave of heat from the roaring wood fire. “I will explain everything” I declared.

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