My friend Fern

13 year old Dawn is out walking on Dartmoor after a family argument. She twists her ankle and starts to think she will never get home (quite literally) but can the mysterious girl Fern help her or will she end up being just another Dartmoor legend?


8. My story

Five minutes later and we were all sat around the fire, munching biscuits and drinking hot chocolate. My ankle was finally strapped properly and I was about to begin my tale. But before I did so, I had one more thing to say. “Mum, I hope you will understand and believe me, but I think that the girl, Fern, who helped me was my great aunt, please don’t think I’m mad.” Mum smiled and shook her head, “I believe you, I saw her too darling. I think it was a quest or something, so now she has helped someone that was in the same predicament as her she can go to heaven and her soul is at peace. Now, get on with the story please, I want to know what happened!” I grinned and took a sip of my hot chocolate, “lots of people will come here now, won’t they? Looking for Fern and others like her. Won’t they?” I asked. Dad nodded. “But that’s okay, isn’t it? As long as they stick to the paths, don’t litter and respect the wildlife.” Dad nodded again. “Good, now to begin,” and then I took a deep breath and told them my story:

“I lowered myself gingerly onto a rough granite bolder ...”

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