My friend Fern

13 year old Dawn is out walking on Dartmoor after a family argument. She twists her ankle and starts to think she will never get home (quite literally) but can the mysterious girl Fern help her or will she end up being just another Dartmoor legend?


6. Home sweet home

I reached out and flicked the bolt on our garden, gate. I was home at last! I glanced back at Fern. Was it me or was Fern getting even paler? If I strained my eyes I was sure that I could just about see the outline of Combshead Tor through her? I shook my head; the pain must be muddling my mind. “Well, here it is. Home sweet home” I sighed. It was almost completely dark by now, and the temperature was falling fast. “Dawn, oh Dawn is that you? Oh god, I was worried sick darling. Never do that to me again!” My mum came thundering down the crazy paving path and swept me up into a big hug. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry...” I said over and over again. We were both crying by now, hearing all the commotion my dad, sister and even the police came streaming through the doors. “No, no I’m sorry.” Mum said. I grabbed the rest of my family and we had a big group hug.

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