My friend Fern

13 year old Dawn is out walking on Dartmoor after a family argument. She twists her ankle and starts to think she will never get home (quite literally) but can the mysterious girl Fern help her or will she end up being just another Dartmoor legend?


4. Going home

Half an hour later and I was having second thoughts. I mean, sure I was glad that I was getting home, but was this really the easiest way? Fern was just encouraging me, I don’t mean to sound ungrateful or anything, but couldn’t she at least of offered me a shoulder to lean on or something. My ankle was really hurting! Somehow I managed to struggle on, buoyed by her encouragement we reached the edge of the wood and I spotted my picturesque cottage about a mile away. “Finally!” I exclaimed. “Hu?” questioned Fern, “All I see is ponies, cows, sheep, heather and gorse, oh and Combshead Tor. Where’s your house, oh, wait, I think I see it. Yes! That’s it, isn’t it?” I laughed,    “Yes. That’s it, Fern.” Then more seriously “How did you know?” As she shrugged I realised that Fern really didn’t like answering personal questions, I wondered why.

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