Lets Start Again?~Luke Hemmings

When Destiny comes back from the UK she had a feeling everyone forgot who she was. But when she moved back to Sydney with her best friend Sínead. When she meets one of her brothers best friends. Will she fall for him? Will he fall for her? Find out!


1. Chapter 1~ After 10 years!

Destiny's POV

Me and Sínead are packing our bags for Sydney. Back to my home town! I can't wait. See I lived in Sydney with my parent, brothers and sisters. But when I was 8 my granny got ill I wanted to come over here to the UK. I had a strong bond with my grandparents even though they lived in the UK. I was allowed to move to the UK. A few weeks after I arrived in the UK she died of cancer. But I wouldn't leave. I stayed with my grandpa. But now I have to go back to Sydney because my grandpa was put into a home by my aunt Olivia. They will take care of him. Well I hope. 'DONE!' Sínead yelled excitedly. 'Why are you so excited?' I said laughing whip zipping my bag. 'Gurl were going to Sydney Australia. Do you know how long I was wanting to go there?' She said in a duh tone. 'You just want to go there to meet 5 seconds of summer,' I said laughing. I haven't told Sínead that me and Micheal are brothers and sisters yet but I know she won't be mad. 'You know me so well.' She laughed. 'Come on get sleep so we will be able to wake up tomorrow.' I said jumping into bed. 'Goodnight Des, Love you,' Sínead said while turning out the light. 'Night shitface. Love you too,' I said laughing. 'Go asleep,' She laughed. With that I feel into a deep sleep.


When I woke up the next morning I got a sudden burst of excitement. 'Sínead!' I yelled jumping out of bed. 'What?' She said tiredly. 'Get the fuck up! We're moving Sydney today!' I yelled with that she got up and jumped up and down. 'Lets get ready then dope!' She yelled and started getting ready and so did I. I wore a black pair of leggings, a crop top, an my British Knights. I grabbed my hair straightener and straighten my hair. I let it cool and put it back in my bag. 'Are you ready Des?!' Sínead said walking by the bathroom. 'Holy fuck gurl!' She said. 'What is there something on my face?' I said looking in the mirror. 'Yeah make up.' She said. I looked weirdly at her. 'Im not wearing makeup.' I said. 'Well you should wear no makeup sometimes.' She smiled. 'Your beautiful.' She whispered. 'Thank you' I smiled. 'Well are you ready?' I said. She nodded. Sínead was wearing black leggings with crosses on it, a top and her vans. 'You look pretty today.' I smiled. 'Thank you' She smiled back. 'LEGGO!!' Sínead yelled grabbing her bag and walking out the door. She left her key on the kitchen table so did I. I grabbed my bag and walked out. I looked back at our apartment that we have been living in since we were 16. I smiled and closed the door.


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