He doesnt love you

Una best friend of Lily Timlin which happens to be Scott Timlins sister happens to go to auditions for the geordie shore house the well know tv show known all around the world when Una gets into the house what will Scott and his sister be like and what happens when more than one lad begins to like her will there be tears friendships broken or a new romance blooming


1. last night

chapter 1 

i wake up with a pounding head " uh.. " i moan trying to lit my head up but failing miserably i look across the room to spot Lily lying on the ground mortal from last night lying down in her own puddle of puke sick or what i force myself to get up and walk over to her i tap her shoulder and she stirs " what " she moans " you know mate that your lying in your own puke from last night " i say trying not to laugh at the sight " what " she says and opens her eyes and they widen " ehhhh.. " she says standing up with her hand to her head " ill get us some tablets to help with our hangover you get changed and have a shower  hun " i say and she nods i open the door from the bedroom and go over to the kitchen

which was wreaked with food and alcohol from last night when we came back i moan thinking of how much were going to have to clean up the place i go to the med cupboard and get out some tablets and 2 glasses of water and bring them to the bedroom where Lily was now lying down changed on her bed " you all right " i say sitting down at the end of her bed " no i feel horrid " she says and runs to the toilet puking like hell

"oh.. here take these i say giving her a tablet and water as i took mine myself " do you think your going to be able to go to the auditions " i say " no i think i would die if i did how are you feeling fine you drank the same as me yesterday " she says  and  i laugh " i have drank more than that before im used to drinking loads remember " i say laughing " yeah you go to the auditions youll be fine anyway Scotts  in the house if you get in hell look after you remember that " she says and i smile " yeah your right " i better get dressed then or ikll be late " i say stand up and walk over to my wardrobe looking for the most best outfit i have 



hey guys hope you liked the first chapter i decided to do Geordie Shore fanfic because i am the biggest fan ever i watched all the episodes and seasons and iwas very happy yesterday a the new season started ahhhh... guys please LIKE COMMENT FAVORITE AND FAN me PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ILY all so so much PLEASE 

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