Im not on drugs.

People think she's on drugs. She's just in love.


1. Tragedy

trag·e·dy ˈtrajədē/ noun

an event causing great suffering, destruction, and distress, such as a serious accident, crime, or natural catastrophe.


The girl looked at the bubbles traveling up to the blue surface, she smiled as water flooded her lungs and nose. This was what she wanted. The day she dreamed off ever since she was 10. The day she dreamed of for three years. The day she would die.

She closed her eyes feeling every inch of her being filled with water, she sighed with relief. The last breath she will ever take. Her eyes opened as the last bubble popped on the surface.

Sirens wailed throughout the air as people crowded the road. A women crying holding two teenagers.

Metal clanging and wind gushing as they laid the cold limp body onto the cart. Purple lips, Pale skin and lifeless eyes. The two teenagers ran to their sister looking into her eyes.

" S-She doesn't look sad Cal " Mali-Koa said , he bursted into tears laughing as sorrowful sobs escaped his throat, Mia took her younger brother into her arms as she looked at the girl hearing his brother cry.

They pushed the cart into the ambulance.

"Are any of you going to ride with her?" The paramedics asked , Calum raised his head.

" I will " He said , they smiled. Calum climbed in the back of the car seeing a women quickly attaching a oxygen mask, and placing her hands right on her heart. The car started and it quickly drove off the siren screeching to make way.

" She's still got a pulse but it's very weak! " The lady shouted within seconds the car started speeding faster.

The lady shined a flashlight to check her vitals her eyebrows furrowed.

" No sign of struggle, this was suicide " She said, Calum looked at the paramedic's as they tried to pump air into body.

A gasp was heard , as water shot out of her mouth along with blood, the red liquid seeped out of the oxygen mask causing her to choke, the women took off the mask. The doors opened and they pushed the cart out, Calum ran out of the ambulance and followed his sister.

" Sir you cant go in there! "

" No you don't understand! I'm her sister please please! " He yelled, security and nurses held the boy back.

- 3 Hours Later -

Calum was texting his three friends about what happened and they were concerned about the youngest boy's health and the health of his family members. Their mother and father both looking lifelessly at the wall holding each others hand. While Mali was in her boyfriend's arms.

" The hood family " a man with no hair , black rimmed glasses and a white coat spoke. The family stood up and looked at the doctor.

" Yes please come with me " He said , he motioned for them to follow him into the room.

A girl hooked up to wires and a heart monitor laid there silently.

" Now because this is a suicide attempt we have to keep her in the hospital for 72 hours. We managed to get all the water out of her body before is damaged the heart-"

" Suicide ? Why would she try to kill herself ? "

There it is. The million dollar question. When they saw Daisy, they saw a cute, funny life loving girl. Or so they thought. They didn't think the thirteen year old was like this.

" You'll have to ask her that herself I don't know the answer " the doctor said with a sad smile.

" Because of her Asthma it caused her lungs to give out quickly , did she know she has asthma ? " He asked , They nodded .

" We will monitor her and call you if anything happens but you are all welcomed to stay " He said smiling , he shook hands with all of them before leaving the room.

- One day later -

" No we are NOT sending her away ! " Calum whispered loudly to his family.

" She tried to kill herself calum ! " His father replied

" No ! If we send her away she will hate us ! How can you send her away like this ! She's your daughter for fucks sake ! " He yelled , leaving the hospital room.

" I really don't want to send our daughter away-"

" We have to ! We paid everything , we did everything ! She has to go .. I want my daughter to get better " Her husband said .

As the two bickered softly , the girl laid there staring at the white ceiling as tears stroked her cheeks, she broke out into a smile. A sad smile.

" M-Mom " She croaked out in a hoarse voice, the two's heads snapped towards her direction, the women rushed over grasping her daughters hand caressing her hair.

" C-Can you do me a favor ? " She asked in a whisper

" Yes darling what is it ? " She asked smiling.

" Can you call Cal and Mali " She asked, her mother froze but nodded she rushed to the door opening it and calling their two children over.

The two rushed in and ran to their sister's side, Calum went on his knees clutching her hand, while Mali sat down.

" C-Can you guys leave .. " She asked her parents, they nodded and quickly left the room but pressed their ears against the cold door.

" Hi .. " She said, as tears fell from her blue eyes.

" Hey " The two replied together smiling.

The black haired girl slowly started to sit up closing her eyes as her torso ached, she eye smiled.

She couldn't bring herself to look her siblings in the eye, so she just gazed at the white wall.

" I-I'm leaving a-aren't I " She asked her bottom lip quivering as fresh tears welled in her eyes, Calum shook his head frantically smiling as tears fell from his brown eyes.

" No no your not your staying ! We'll kidnap you ourselves " He said, she laughed as the tears strolled down her dried pale cheek.

" I-I know they'll send me away because I'm crazy .. I-I wanted to say goodbye " She said in between sobs. Mali broke down burying her face in the bed, She held her younger sister's hand to her cheek. She felt tears drop on both hands. She smiled and removed her hands slowly before opening her arms.

The two looked at each other before huddling into her arms.

" Please don't leave us Lily " Calum pleaded, she smiled as she heard the sobs of her two siblings, her lip quivered before breaking down into sobs, she laid her head on her sisters her head shaking as she cried and cried.

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