Just a love story


1. he has the cutest accent you have ever heard

hey I'm sky I'm 17 years old and well I'm in love. with who you may ask? well my boyfriend... Niall. He's so cute, smart and he has the cutest accent you have ever heard but back off because he's mine :) Niall and i have been together since we were 12 so 5 years which is a very long time. Niall is my best friend he always has been! I love him and he loves me thats the way it has always been. Our parents have known each other since they were our age they all went to the same school and were great friends so it's no wonder that Niall and I are so close. Anyway today me and Niall and a couple of other friends (Luke, Isabel,Calum and Lily) are all going to the mall to meet up and i can't wait!

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