Remember me

I have no memory of who I am, what I was doing, who my family is. All I have is the name Tahlia and I can't even be sure that's mine.


1. Prolouge

I'm really sorry about not finishing my other fanfic Tangled worlds, this one will be finished!


The first thing I heard were swords clanging, then I felt something nudging my back. I opened my eyes and the world swam into hazy focus, my head was thumping and my body felt stiff. I sat up slowly.

"Hey," I said patting the dapple grey horse as she nudged me again."Where are we?" I asked as I took in the surroundings.

I stood up slowly, gasping as a shooting pain ran up my left leg. I looked down at it to see my legging soaked in blood and a gash down the side of my leg.

"What happened? I don't remember anything. Not even who I am." I said taking the horses reins.

Maybe I have something that will tell me who I am, I put my hand in the pocket beneath my cloak and brought out string, half a biscuit and a small, wooden, carved horse with the name Tahlia engraved on the side.

"Tahlia, perhaps that's my name." I said putting the biscuit in my mouth.

I need to find help, I thought glancing again at my throbbing leg. Limping I led the horse through the trees toward where the clanging had been coming from.

"Let us hope they are friendly." I said stroking the horses nose and putting a hand on the dagger in my belt as we neared the place.

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