Love, Jessie

Jessie's world has suddenly fallen apart. Her mom left, her dad has a new girlfriend named Virginia, and she's even abused by her dad. She's been writing letters to her mom ever since she left, and continued when she died.
G-rated at the beginning. Y-rated as the story progresses for language and violence. Not my story; credit goes to my friend Paige, or HiddenSecrets on Pocket Writers.


6. Letter #6

Dear Mom,             I can't possibly wait two years... I want to see you now. I know I'm being a crybaby, but why did you leave?            Did you leave because I was a bad girl?           Did you leave because you and Daddy were fighting? Or because Daddy was already seeing Virginia and you wanted to get away from her? Because I certainly do.            Or do you just want to see the world? That seems inspiring somehow. I want to see the world, too.            When Daddy wants to go to church, it's usually because he's forced. How? I really don't know, but some other times, I guilt him into saying yes.            Yesterday, I cuddled with one of your shirts. It smells like your perfume, and camp fires.            I wonder if you took your perfume with you.           I walked to your room and checked if you did. Your perfume was still there! How did you forget it? I picked it up and tried to bring it to you, but Daddy stopped me when I ran by his door. He asked me what I was doing, and I answered, “Going to see Mom.”           He just looked at me like I was an alien. What did he think I said? That I was from Mars?           Then he broke down crying.            I've never seen Daddy cry before, but I put my arm around him and comforted him.              Love, Jessie
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