Love, Jessie

Jessie's world has suddenly fallen apart. Her mom left, her dad has a new girlfriend named Virginia, and she's even abused by her dad. She's been writing letters to her mom ever since she left, and continued when she died.
G-rated at the beginning. Y-rated as the story progresses for language and violence. Not my story; credit goes to my friend Paige, or HiddenSecrets on Pocket Writers.


5. Letter #5

Dear Mom,

Daddy has been going to church a lot less often. I wonder if he has given up on God. I wonder if he doesn't think that you're coming back and he blames God.

Or it could be an excuse to see Virginia.

When I want to go to church, I ask him if he can drive me. He says no.

"Daddy, why can't I go to church?" I asked him one day.

He said, "We are busy today," but I don't believe him. I sometimes read the Bible for an hour instead of church.

Did you know Virginia isn't Catholic? She doesn't believe in God and she doesn't pray at all! Can you believe that? I know you wouldn't approve of her at all.

I try to avoid her every time she comes over but it's not so hard when all she does is kiss Daddy.

I wonder if Daddy thinks you're gone forever so he needs a new wife.

But I don't want a new mom.

Love, Jessie

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