Love, Jessie

Jessie's world has suddenly fallen apart. Her mom left, her dad has a new girlfriend named Virginia, and she's even abused by her dad. She's been writing letters to her mom ever since she left, and continued when she died.
G-rated at the beginning. Y-rated as the story progresses for language and violence. Not my story; credit goes to my friend Paige, or HiddenSecrets on Pocket Writers.


4. Letter #4

Dear Mom,

I can't believe you're coming back! I can't wait for you to arrive in two years. By the time you come I will be 12 years old. I hope you don't miss my birthday, though, because you know how much I love the number 12.

Today Virginia came over again and brought her makeup kit with her. She turned to me and said, "You're gonna look so pretty with all this makeup to class up your face."

I didn't want to refuse and disappoint you by being ungrateful like you always say, but I didn't want the makeup on my face to make me like a clown.

But I stayed loyal to you and didn't be ungrateful. I let her 'pretty' up my face.

She made me look like a clown, with rosy red cheeks and bold lipstick. I had deep blue eyeshadow that looked like a color bomb exploded on my face.

As soon as she left, I wiped it all off and made sure it didn't get into my pores.

Thing is, I didn't know if that made you proud or disappointed.

Love, Jessie

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