Love, Jessie

Jessie's world has suddenly fallen apart. Her mom left, her dad has a new girlfriend named Virginia, and she's even abused by her dad. She's been writing letters to her mom ever since she left, and continued when she died.
G-rated at the beginning. Y-rated as the story progresses for language and violence. Not my story; credit goes to my friend Paige, or HiddenSecrets on Pocket Writers.


2. Letter #2

Dear Mom,

Are you considering coming back?

Because things are all getting a little crazy. Daddy orders take out most of the time. He doesn't cook anything like you do, Mom. Honestly I'm getting sick of McDonald's, and Taco Bell every day.

You never wore makeup right Mom? Because Daddy's new girlfriend, Virginia, wears it all the time. She always has on blue and purple eyeshadow and bright red lipstick.

Sometimes, she asks me if I want to wear any. I say no because I know you wouldn't want me to.

I wonder why Daddy got a new girlfriend. It's not like you're dead.

I know you wouldn't want him to even if you were dead.

But I'm sure Daddy doesn't mean anything.

Love, Jessie

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