Love, Jessie

Jessie's world has suddenly fallen apart. Her mom left, her dad has a new girlfriend named Virginia, and she's even abused by her dad. She's been writing letters to her mom ever since she left, and continued when she died.
G-rated at the beginning. Y-rated as the story progresses for language and violence. Not my story; credit goes to my friend Paige, or HiddenSecrets on Pocket Writers.


1. Letter #1

Dear Mom,

I understand why you left me and Daddy. But I don't think that you should have left your clothes behind you. I mean, you can't go walking around New York naked or anything.

I am sorry Daddy and I made you leave. If you come back, can you please forgive us? You always say, 'God will always forgive you,' but I wonder if you will forgive you.

Just as you left, your favorite song, 'Morning Baby' came on. I wondered if you were listening to it and thinking about me.

I never cry over you though. I know you will come back.

Love, Jessie

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