Colours and Shadows

mystery and fantasy. This is about Girl of logic and reason who loses her self in a world nothing like her own and somehow has to learn to live there before she can leave. but with all the friends and people she meets, when the time comes will she be able to say goodbye? Cover by the amazingly talented @NathanielStanley!!


4. Chapter 4

   We made it to a point a little way down the mountain that opened up, the trees curved away like permanently opened curtains, the view showed a village just a few miles away. The dotting of houses and small buildings looked gloomy, like there was a fog surrounding it, thick with poison and chocking the tiny settlement.

   "Welcome to Ranter." Lex, glanced over to me. I took a slow, deep breath,

   "Is that the town name?" He turned his gaze back to the village.

   "You could call it that." he he said dark humor lacing his words.

   "Does this kind of stuff happen often, people entering the realm?" He smiled at me while I said this.

   "It's too much to explain." He said, turning away and moving back to the path. 

   "Then tell me the short version." I persisted, catching up to him. Lex didn't turn around but I could tell from the stiffening of his shoulders he wasn't enjoying my line of questioning. 

   "First we have to disguise you. It's not safe to be walking around dressed like that, no offence." 

   "None taken. Can I ask you something else?"

   "Listen, I know you must have a thousand questions but you need to wait for them to be answered." I was a bit affronted at his rebuke but I said nothing, brooding silently. It was only a few minutes later when, before I knew what I was saying, I asked another personal question.

   "How old are you?" I ask studying his face.

   "I'm much older than you think. You know Meg, you can be extremely persistent." I blushed at his comment.

   "Really, I'm surprised you just noticed. Now, will you please wake me up from this nightmare." I tried to brush of my fluster with my usual bravado but anxiety was once again starting to creep in.

   "Meg, this is much more than a simple dream." he looked back at me with a sad, almost nostalgic expression on his face, before turning and setting off once again towards the village.



 Hidden in the safety of what I assumed to be Lex's home I waited as his discussed the situation with a short. brown haired girl. Lex's roommate Lavender. She chewed on her bottom look and shot several looks at me. they varied between shock, worry and excitement. from the moment I laid eyes on her liked her. her brown haired curled slightly as it touched her shoulders and her big green eyes sparkled with an optimistic sort of light. she was the sort of sweet, feisty creature that everyone warmed to immediately. 

But Lex told me that he had a second roommate. Maxim. 

He was a friend of Lex's parents, or so he told me, he had a wife a son who had died several years ago. A little while after he had come to live with Lex and Lavender. Lex swore that he was loyal and would not reveal my 'illegal' presence to anyone.

I still couldn't understand how me being here was illegal. But, needless to say, Lex's constant reassurances about my safetly; didn't assure me.

I couldn't help but think what I had I gotten myself into? And why the hell did I ever go into that damned house in the first place?




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