Colours and Shadows

mystery and fantasy. This is about Girl of logic and reason who loses her self in a world nothing like her own and somehow has to learn to live there before she can leave. but with all the friends and people she meets, when the time comes will she be able to say goodbye? Cover by the amazingly talented @NathanielStanley!!


2. Chapter 2

~~  2





I hurried back to the entrance way ready to get the heck out of this hell hole, but there wasn’t a door or a window. What the hell? I ran towards the place the door had been running my hands along thick, rough wood of the wall. I tried to find an imprint of the door where it had once been, there was nothing. There was no door. It was as though it had just sunk into the walls along with the windows.

“No, no, no” I whispered to myself, this couldn’t possible, it couldn’t be real, it wasn’t real, this house wasn’t real, none of it was, it couldn’t be! But it was. But how? How? Was this some kind of sick joke? Where was the door? Perhaps, I thought one of my friends might have done it. Cathy was mostly likely to be behind it, she had pulled off many master pranks in her time. Including setting the school gym on fire. (Everyone knew it was her but luckily it couldn’t be proven and there wasn't much damage.) But I didn’t think even Cathy Rikes was capable of making doors disappear. I moved along the wall, my hands sliding nervously along the rough wood. I stopped at the spot where I assumed the window overlooking the veranda was and pushed. It had only been boarded up, with old dry wood, easily ready to snap. But again there was only solid wood as strong as if it had been this way for years. Except it hadn’t.

I’d come through here only a few moments ago. I turned around to go upstairs only to find the staircase I had only just seen missing and not just that but the entire top floor was now nothing but a roof above my head! How? This was more than a simple prank; nothing could make a whole top floor disappear!  How on earth can all the doors and windows disappear? It just wasn’t possible! The kitchen now seemed like my best option, my only option, when I turned towards the kitchen, my eyes widened in shock as I took in the sight before me. The small window was fading and as I turned around, the door to the kitchen was fading slowly out of sight, the whole door disappearing as if the wall itself was sucking it in.

“No!” screaming I ran towards the almost non existent door, there was no way I could let my possibly only escape slip through my fingers. But as I reached it, it disappeared completely. Standing still only inches away from where the door was only seconds before I opened and closed my mouth wordlessly, I searched for some kind of rational explanation, but there wasn’t one. “H-How? I-” I chocked on my words as the reality of the situation I was in, began to sink in, up until now I had denied any of it being possible, but how could I when all this had happened before my eyes? I collapsed onto the floor, hugging my legs to my chest; I sat in a fetal position. This whole place felt so wrong. I couldn’t think, I just felt pressure building and building almost like claustrophobia. Which, I suffered from quite badly. I couldn’t cry I was too confused, I couldn’t sort through my emotions. They were a mess, tangling like carnivorous vines  in my mind. I felt like my head was about explode, so I did the only thing I could do to release my feelings. I screamed, I screamed until my throat hurt, and when I stopped I was able to cry, so I sobbed. I didn’t know what was better screaming or crying, but I didn’t care I was happy to just lose myself in the oblivion of my emotions.


Wind was blowing fiercely past my face, I opened my eyes to reveal a sickeningly high rocky mountain, the grass around me was purple, the sky was a pale shade of green, the clouds were a deep dark blue and the sun was a soft pink. I would have screamed if it weren’t for the cold hand that held tightly over my mouth. The hand turned me to face its tall owner. I saw a pale face with short sandy blonde hair, sapphire blue eyes, I did a double take on his eyes, and they looked cold, so cold I shivered. it felt as though they were looking into my very soul, which I feared they might be. Trembling I looked into his eyes, he looked startlingly familiar but I couldn’t place it. As I continued to think I had to fight back against a fog that had begun to take hold of my mind. It was making me feel dizzy, I felt like I was saying on the spot. I wanted to break eye contact hoping it would release my mind but I felt like if I did break the spell we seemed to be in, he might do something I’d rather him not, like kill me or throw me off this offensively high cliff. I wanted to demand an explanation, but his hand was still tightly closed over my mouth and I was too scared to move a muscle. My knees were weak from standing so still and tense and from all the previous shock and they began to shake, I worried they might fall out from under me. I needed to sit down somewhere or I was just going to fall over in front of this strange man. I had a sick felling in my stomach and bile rose up in my throat. Slowly the hand was loosening.

Maybe I could run away? But to where? My only option would to be to jump. I was sure I was about to be sick. No, I wasn’t going to jump off this mountain unless the other option was being murdered by the evil, but rather good-looking man in front of me.
The man slowly released my face and I immediately fell to the sandy ground. I started retching, coughing and spluttering. It was humiliating but I couldn’t stop and the sick feeling wouldn’t go away but there was nothing in my stomach, I hadn’t eaten in a while. When I finally did stop I looked up, only to find that the man from before was nowhere to be seen.

What was I supposed to do now? There was no way I could drag myself down this mountain and I wasn’t even sure if this whole place was real, in fact, I was starting to really believe this was a dream. I pinched myself on the fleshy, under part of my arm, I felt some relief as if I was waking up but if it was a dream it hadn’t been enough. I was still here even if my surroundings had blurred somewhat. Making my decision I staggered to my feet and made my to the edge of the cliff face, I looked down onto the lonely valley, there was a mountain range of in the distance and what looked like a small cluster of houses by a large body of water a few miles off. The odd pink sun was gently touching the horizon when my legs gave up and I fell backwards and pain flashed up my spine as I crashed into the dirt. I wanted to cry again but no tears came. What was going on?

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