My Anime collection

I kinda jumped on the band wagon ... yep, I'm creating anime people!


22. Just some character designs for THE ELEMENTS series

Hehe ... 'cause I can.  Guess which one is Ikeshia???

First: Guess who?

Second: Reiner.  He's a Dragon Shifter, and the Mage of Fire

Third: Serene.  She's supposed to be a mermaid, and she's the Mage of Water

Fourth: Caliara.  She's supposed to be a harpy, and she's the Mage of Air

Fifth: Demetrius.  He's a human, and the Mage of Time

Sixth: Andromeda.  She's an angel, and the Mage of Light

and, finally:

Luraxun.  I'm not going to say anything about him.  You have to assume what he is for yourself. XD

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