Life as a Beard ~ Eleanor Calder

My life was simple. I was raised as every normal girl was and fell in love with a boy named josh. My dad worked as a band manager and every now and then I would be lucky to meet them.

That all changed when my life started as an official Beard for Louis Tomlinson.


3. 1.


"Eleanor come down here please." My dad shouts from downstairs. I had just finished getting ready because I was going to meet my boyfriend josh for lunch.

I walk out of my room and down the stairs and into the long hallway.

My dad is a band manager. So he usually has clients in his office and sometimes if I'm lucky I might get to meet them.

I stop at my dad's door and knock three times. I had to knock because it was one of our rules.

"Come in honey." he says. I open the door and walk into the room. I see my dad on one side of his desk and then two boys on the other side.

The curly haired one looks like he has been crying since his eyes are puffy and red. The other boy next to him has his arm wrapped around the curly haired ones shoulder.

"Eleanor meet my clients Louis and Harry." My dad interrupts my examine of them. He motions to which is which and I shake Harrys hand.

"Nice to meet you." I tell Harry and he avoids eye contact

"Yeah you too." he says softly. What is going on?

I look over at Louis and he shakes my hand. "Nice to meet you love." he says with a fake smile plastered on his face.

"You too." I say and my dad motions me to sit down next to Louis.

"Daddy what's going on? Why is Harry crying?" I ask my dad.

"I'm not crying!" Harry snaps at me and louis rubs Harrys back. "Sorry." he mumbles.

"Eleanor let me explain to you. These two are part of the biggest boy band on the planet. But you see, the two of them have started to catch feelings for one another. They're gay. But we can't let other people know because they have shown affection in some interviews and twitcams to where some fans have started to actually believe they are a couple. The fans call them Larry Stylinson. We don't want their sexuality to mess up their careers. Do you remember what we do for problems like this?" My dad explained to me.

"Yeah you got them a fake girlfriend or... a Beard I think that's what it's called." I try to remember my dad has taught me.

"Yes and unfortunately we can't find one for Louis." He tells me and I look over at Louis and Harry and see both their eyes watery.

I grab the box of tissues on my dads desk and hand Louis it.

"Thanks." he says and gives me another fake smile.

I nod my head instead of saying 'You're Welcome.'

"Daddy I don't understand why you called me in here." I tell him still confused.

"Eleanor sweetie..." my dad trails off. Harrys sobs are heard in the room.

"We need you to be Louis' Beard."


hiii this is the first chapter of the story and thanks for reading!.xx comment and fan <3

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