2. The day

Today is the day, WE GET TO PICK UP LUKEY!!!!

I miss him so much but,he come home today!!!!!

(At the airport)

I stared at the door Luke was going to come through. "Flight 182" the lady called I looked at the door once again and there he was, my brother "LUUUUKEEE" "GRACEE" I ran into, no let me rephrase that I TACKLED him into a hug. "Oh my god Grace i have missed you so damn much!"

"Oh my, never leave for that Long again okay!!?!?"

"Okay I promise but on one condition"

"And what is that Lukey poo?"

"You come on tour with us next time?"



"Oh my gosh Luke,"



As we ended our conversation I looked over and saw 3 more boys with hoodies and sun glasses on I guess those people are Lukes band mates. Q

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