Good Meets Bad

Jasmine Wells: 19, virgin, good girl thats rough around the edges, never drank, never smoked.

Harry Styles: 19, bad boy, sexual, seductive, drinks, smokes.

What happens when these two cross paths?


1. Characters


  Danielle Peazer

Liam's Girlfriend , Harry's Gang Member

Eleanor Calder

Jasmine's Best and Only Friend

Harry Styles

Gang Leader

Jake Taylor

Harry's Gang Member

Jasmine Wells

Eleanor's Best and Only Friend

Liam Payne

Danielle's Boyfriend , Harry's Gang Member

Louis Tomlinson

Harry's Gang Member

Niall Horan

Harry's Gang Member

Perrie Edwards

Zayn's Girlfriend , Harry's Gang Member

Zayn Malik

Perrie's Boyfriend , Harry's Gang Member

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