Good Meets Bad

Jasmine Wells: 19, virgin, good girl thats rough around the edges, never drank, never smoked.

Harry Styles: 19, bad boy, sexual, seductive, drinks, smokes.

What happens when these two cross paths?


10. Chapter 7


Well. We're alone. In the same house. In the same room. Together. Just the two of us. Alone. Nothing awkward.

"So what n--"

I was interrupted by his lips smashing onto mine, hungrily. He grabbed the back of my neck and held me there so that I couldn't escape. He started walking, causing me to walk backwards, and I was pushed up against the wall for the second time.

At some point, I started kissing back. If we're kissing, might as well enjoy right? Even though its forced. He parted my legs again, got in between them, and started grinding.  Again. He groaned into the kiss and started undoing his belt buckle.

"Jas? You here?" I heard El's voice.

Harry groaned again, but this time of frustration. He dropped my legs and got off of me. I saw a brunette appear from the stairs. Eleanor.

"H-Hey El." I said, my face burning.

"Hey. Why are you red?" Her eyes traveled to Harry. "And what the hell is  he doing here?" She spat.

He gave her a 'da-fuq' look.

"I don't even know you." He pointed out.

"Well I've heard alot about you. And I am  not impressed."

"And where did you hear about me, may I ask?"

She pointed to me, still glaring at him. Harry looked at me and smirked. He started walking towards me and I gulped. Remind me to kill her later.

"You talk about me?" He said, still smirking and he placed his hands on my waist.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?! Get off of her!" Eleanor yelled and snatched his hands from my waist.

He rolled his eyes and sent her a death glare.

"I believe I can touch my  girlfriend however I want to." He spat, emphasizing the word 'girlfriend'.

Eleanor widened her eyes.

"Girlfriend?! When were you gonna tell me about this?!" She yelled, but this time at me.

Believe me, I would have, but I didn't even know.

"Well?!" She pushed on, still yelling.

"I-I don't know." I stuttered.

"Stop yelling at her!" Harry boomed at Eleanor.

Well. Its nice to know he defends his 'girlfriend'.

"You don't tell me what to do to her! I'm her best friend!" El shouted back.

"Obviously not! You're yelling at her like she's a fucking dog!"

Remind you of anyone, Harry?

"Well you're not any better! She told me how you got her fucking fired from Starbucks!"

I gasped. He didn't know about that Eleanor! I looked up at him, only to find he was only staring at me with guilt in his eyes.

"I...I got you fired?" He asked me in a soft voice.

I looked down and nodded. He pulled me into a hug. As much as I hate him, I would kill for his hugs. Not really, but yeah.

"I'm sorry." He whispered, but only I could hear it. "Let me make it up to you." He still whispered, but I could still hear the huskiness in his voice.

Is this boy ever not horny?

"No. I'm not losing my v-card to you." I said, finally speaking up.

A look of hurt flashed through his eyes, but it left as quickly as it came. He scoffed.

"Fine with me." He said and stormed out the house.

Eleanor crossed her arms, raised her eyebrow, and shifted her weight to her left leg. I knew what that look meant. She wanted me to explain everything to her. I held my hand up in a way to say 'just, don't.' I went to the wall, faced it, and started hitting my head on it repeatedly. El grabbed my shoulders and pulled me back to face her.

"Jas, tell me what happened, now." She said sternly.

We sat down on the couch and I told her everything.


Fucking Jasmine. What the hell is so special about being a virgin? If anything, I'd be embarrassed if I was still a virgin. She's 19 for God's sake. If only that girl hadn't walked in.

That bitch. Why the hell did she have to walk in?! I was so close to getting into Jasmine's pants, and Ms. Thing comes along and ruins it! Ok, you know what? Fuck this. I'm gonna fuck her, whether she likes it or not.

Listen to yourself, Harry. You're getting all worked up over this  one girl. You have thousands of other girls throwing themselves at you. Go get one of them.

But I want Jasmine. Unlike all the other girls, she plays hard to get, and I like it. Plus, every part of her body is real. Her boobs, her face, her hair, her nails, her ass. Everything is real, and I like it. Its nice to have boobs that you can squeeze hard and they won't pop.

Yeah, that happened to me before. I was in the middle of climaxing, and I was squeezing the blonde's boobs hard, needing some sort of release. And during that time,


Turns out her plastic surgeon was shit. It was very traumatizing. But soon, I got over my fear and I fuck anyone I want.

Anyway, back to Jasmine. I'd fuck her so hard. I'm getting hard just thinking about it.

Well then go fuck someone. You know you want to.

Wait, wait, wait. Am I talking to myself? The things this girl does to me. Notes I'm sorry that I fell off the face of the earth!

In other words, sorry for the loooong wait. I was lazy. But I updated! Even though it was pretty shitty. But I hope you liked it anyway!

That awkward moment when you laugh at something someone said, and then they add to it, and then its not funny anymore...
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