Good Meets Bad

Jasmine Wells: 19, virgin, good girl thats rough around the edges, never drank, never smoked.

Harry Styles: 19, bad boy, sexual, seductive, drinks, smokes.

What happens when these two cross paths?


2. Chapter 1


"You like that baby?! Huh?!" I groaned as I thrusted mercilessly into a random blonde I picked up at the club.

"Yes! H-Harry! Fuck!!" She screamed as she cummed all over my cock.

Not long after, I pulled out, and squirted my juices all over her stomach and breasts. I think they were fake. Ehh. Who cares? I needed to fuck, and I did it. I collapsed on the side of her, out of breath.

"Mmm. That was amazing." She said as she snuggled into my chest.

"Mhm." I said, not really caring.

Besides, I could've had better. I gotta get going though. Well, I don't have to. I just don't wanna be here anymore.

"I gotta go. But I'll call you sometime, yeah?" I said to her.

Yeah, right. I won't be calling her.

"Yeah. Ok." She said carelessly.

I put back on my clothes and headed out of her flat. I started walking back to mine when I saw this sexy, innocent looking girl walking with another girl. Whoa. I gotta get her.


Me and my best friend Eleanor were walking to the house we shared.

"Jas, look. That guy over there is totally checking you out." She said, looking over in a certain direction.

I followed her gaze and it landed on a curly-haired boy with many tattoos and piercings.

"He can stare all he wants. Doesn't look to be my type of guy anyway." I said, shrugging him off.

"You're right. And by the looks of him, I think you should stay away. Something about him rubs me the wrong way."

"Me too."

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