Beyond The Stars


4. I promise

~~I woke up to Jazzy shaking me and constantly repeating that I’ve got to get up and hide. I jump behind the bed just as the door opens and a very drunk and wobbly man storms in.
“Dad don’t da-“
Is all I here before I hear skin connect with skin. I hear Jazzy gasp and cry out in pain. She falls and our faces are just inches apart, she looks at me with pleading eyes. I go to get up and do something but she shakes her head as her father walks forward and grabs her by the legs and pulls her backwards. She lets out a blood curdling scream as she gets ripped up off the ground by her hair and thrown against the wall. She crumples to the ground trying to protect her head by tucking her chin into her chest. She quickly curls her knees up and wraps her arms around her legs. I have a feeling she’s done this many times before.
I just can’t comprehend how someone who is supposed to love and protect their daughter can do something this inhumane and cruel. He starts kicking her repeatedly over and over again until her hands were over her face and she was crying and screaming in pain. I couldn’t take much more of this, just as I was about to get up he delivered one final blow to the ribs, spat on her and walked out laughing. As he closed the door I ran over to her and took her head in my hands and rested her head on my lap. I pulled her hands above her head all the while trying to shush her screaming.  I pulled a pillow off the bed and gentle put her head on it. I sat back took a breath and got up, walked over and knelt beside her. I gently lifted her shirt up as she let out a blood curdling scream. I stopped what I was doing look her in the eyes and mouthed to her that she was ok and that everything is going to be fine. She shook her head and was still sobbing. I sat and lent up against her bed, I ran my hands through my hair and sighed.  She slowly sat up, I opened my arms and she fell on my lap crying and sobbing. I wrapped my hands around her and just let her cry. She finally calmed down enough for her to get up and say
“We’re leaving” she grabbed a bag and chucked clothes into it. She was opening and slamming drawers.  She looks back at be just before her eyes roll back into her head.
“Jazzy, no, no, no, no, no, no” I say while just catching her before she hits the ground.                                                           

“Jazmine wake up” I whisper/yell while gently slapping the side of her face in an attempt to coax her awake.
It didn’t seem like she was going to wake up any time soon so I grabbed the bag she was packing, through in a few other things and grabbed a blanket off her bed. I gentle wrapped Jaz in the fluffy blanket, through the bag over my shoulder, walk over to the window and weigh up if I can get out. There’s a little ledge just below the window, I open the window as high as it will go and walk back over to Jazzy pick her up, climb out of the window and jump. 
I spread my wings up before we hit the ground and we glide away into the sunrise. You must be wondering where I’m taking her. Well to the hospital dummy. I made a promise to myself and to Jazzy that day that I wouldn’t let any harm come to her. If anything happened then I’d have to leave and go home and trust me, no-one wants that.

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