Beyond The Stars


3. Home...

As I come to I feel someone sobbing over my once lifeless body. You see as much as I try there is only one thing that can kill me… one thing. I open an eye and I hear her gasp in surprise. I look down and see that my wrists, as always, have nothing left but dried up blood and a scar in the letters of her name. She throws herself at me wrapping her arms around my neck and sobbing into my chest lightly. I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her on top of me so she’s cuddled up on top of my chest. She rests her head in the crook of my neck.

“Hey Blade?” she whispered

“hhmm” I questioned back.

“How in the world is your back not fucked? I mean I don’t think you have slept in a bed for what I know of two days.”

“I guess I’m just used to it” I mumbled back kinda sheepishly.

“Come back to mine you can crash on the lounge and then we can work something out in the morning yeah?”

“I don’t think I could do that to you Jazzy”

“Hey I’m offering and you’re coming to” She says as she gets up off of my chest and extends a hand to pull me up as well.

I kindly shook my head and got up myself. I jumped up and the whole way back to her place I was constantly nagging her and asking her if it was ok. When we finally got there she put a finger up to her lips as in to silence my nagging. She slowly opened the door and crept inside ushering me in behind her. She slowly started walking towards a door and cautiously stepped on each floor board as if to test it out to see if it was squeaky. We ended up in her room. She walked over and turned the T.V on I guess in an attempt to muffle out our voices.

She flopped down on her bed and patted the spot beside her. I sat down next to her and took my shoes off before I swung my legs up onto her bed. She snuggled down under the blankets and rested her head on my shoulder.

“I think I better get changed” Jazzy piped up quite suddenly.

“Hhhmmm” was all I could manage as a vague reply.

She jumped up off of her bed and walked over to her wooden cupboard which I guessed held her clothes. She opened the second draw from the top and pulled a shirt out and threw it over her shoulder, she then crouched down and opened the bottom draw and pulled out a pair of grey tracksuit pants. She walked over to the corner where the wall and the start of the door met. She faced the wall and look over her shoulder and whispered for me to close my eyes and to stop looking at her. I closed my eyes and about 5 minutes later I felt Jazzy lay down next to me. I open my eyes sigh and wiggle over a little bit.


She mumbles as she tries to get comfy but nothing seems to be comfy. Either she’s comfy or I’m not or the other way around. I decide to lift my arm up and she cuddles into my chest, I place my arm protectively around her careful not to brush my wrist up against her back. I pull the blankets up and with one last sigh she finally falls into a deep slumber and her breathing finally evens out. I fall asleep listening to some crap on the late night news about Justin Bieber almost getting hit by Orlando Bloom.

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