Beyond The Stars


2. Fallen

I wake confused and dazed not knowing where I was. My instant thought goes straight to the girl named Jazmine. I attempt to sit up but am immediately knocked back down by the throbbing of my head. I slowly sit up and gather my bearings, its seems that I have been dragged into what looks like an abandoned warehouse. I see that there are three or four windows at least 7 foot above my height. From the light that’s coming in through the window it doesn’t seem that it’s daylight anymore.

As I’m sitting there trying to plan my escape with what I have with me there’s a door that just opens. Weird. That would be the easiest way out but why would the door just open like that?

Just as I was about to make a run for it I heard a voice.
“Why isn’t he running?” I heard the same voice say just before I got knocked out. Jazzy’s ‘boyfriend’.

I get up and walk towards the door and just walk out of it. I just keep walking. I walked past abandoned buildings everything. I walked back to the bridge where funny enough the music was still playing. I sat there and just let go.

I grabbed my knife and just engraved. I engraved her name into the scared milky white flesh of my wrist. I didn’t know her for more than five minutes but all I did know was that she had some effect on me that no-one in this word ever did before.

I never knew what happened to her. I didn’t understand after knocking me out and kidnapping me why he would just let me go. But what I did know was that I wouldn’t have to deal with it till I recovered from this. Because the thing is I’m no ordinary human. I’m not a human at all. Thing is I’m a fallen angel.

A/N Sorry this one’s so short…. It will get better though…. I don’t know if I should continue with this or leave it as is as it’s only a short story but you know guys just let me know what you think yeah? suicidal_kid

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